A 90s Themed Make-up Party

I used to tear out pages from Vogue for inspo and put them inside my Trapper Keeper dividers so this wall brought me back to the good old days.

I came of age in the nineties and lived through the fashion—the good, the bad and the ugly. The Supermodels reigned all over the magazines and I could hardly contain my awe and excitement upon discovering such heavenly creatures when I began collecting American Vogue, choosing to buy my monthly copy with my allowance over food at times. I was especially fixated with their long legs that seemed to stretch for days and marvelled at how a human being could look that divine.

One of the pioneers is Claudia Schiffer, part of the original Supers Rat Pack who went by their first names (because when everyone and their mother knows who you are, last names become an insignificant detail). She recently launched her very own make-up line at an event in Dr. Wine co-hosted by my amiga, beauty expert Agoo Bengzon. We got to play with her collection, a mix of peachy nudes and electric blue shades for the eyes, yummy lip colors and a good, solid foundation line.

What really got me excited was the dress code: ’90s glam! I have very fond memories of what I wore during those years and sometimes, I still catch myself styling an outfit like I was back in high school / college. Here are some of my favorite looks from both my contemporaries and millennials alike.

How to do grunge 2.0 but still has a very ’90s vibe.

No shortage of pica-pica and G&Ts at Dr. Wine.

Doc Martens, check! Tank top over another tank, check! Jacket around the waist, check!

The outfit is 100% grunge but what really caught my eye are her burgundy lips! Revlon Colorstay, anyone?

How to achieve the Bardot pout using Claudia’s make-up line.

Agoo Bengzon, event co-host in a coordinated outfit that’s giving off Milli Vanilli vibes haha!

The slip dress over knitted tee and white sneaks is so ’90s cool.

What I basically wore all throughout HS and college! Braided belt and all.

How a millennial does ’90s fashion. Still so darn cute.

Bootcut jeans with heels and a camo top, yes!

Millennial doing normcore layering.

Animal print polo + corduroy mini + suede booties = timeless chic!

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