A Men’s Scent I’d Love to Wear

I’ve never met a men’s scent that I wanted to wear myself as much as Azzaro‘s latest perfume, Wanted.

My husband and I attended the press launch last June 21 in Blackbird and we were treated to the works: champagne, scrumptious hors d’oeuvres and eye candy from the wait staff to the beautiful people present. Azzaro also launched their latest campaign, a short film shot entirely in Barcelona, giving me glimpses of one of my most favorite cities.

Loris Azzaro was known to be a gambler, not of the casino kind, but the “give your all and succeed” breed. He is best known for the lavish gowns he designed for the stylish set so there’s no doubt the same attention to detail went into designing the interesting bottle that housed the woody-citrus-spicy scent that I can’t get enough of.

What comprises Azzaro Wanted?

Tonka bean – known as the “seed of pleasure” form Brazil. It adds hints of vanilla, almond, tobacco, cinnamon and light caramel to the composition. I swear, I smell it!

Ginger – the “cool spice” form Nigeria offers a peppery-rosy facet to the mix. One of my favorite spices ever!

Lemon duo – the process makes use of both the peel and the pulp thus a blend of zesty and lemony bitterness explodes. Can’t live without this fruit, we have it everyday in our drinking water.

Vetiver – a root variety from Haiti distills the woody note that I love so much. Apparently, it’s a staple in men’s perfumery. Yum.

Cardamom – the humble seed from Guatemala “exudes a shaded range of tones that are spicy, tea-like, balsamic and very lemony.” Sounds divine.

Pryogenic prickly juniper – a plant that grows in France and Spain, it “adds a smoky and slightly woody-amber touch to a composition.” Another favorite.

No wonder it smells so damn good, the ingredients make up a really delicious dessert. I know what I’ll be wearing on my next event.

Find Azarro Wanted at Art of Scent and SM Stores.

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