A Merry Christmas

My Tita Vicky puts up a fresh pine every year. Beautiful!

My family LOVES Christmas. For as long as I can remember, the holidays were always a huge deal. My grandparents were big fans and every year, they would play classic Christmas carols by Percy Faith and Johnny Mathis among many others. Hearing the songs brings me back to that time up to this day. I played the same albums this year, albeit on Spotify, instead of my Grandpapa’s LPs. It’s full of nostalgia and I can’t help but miss the ones who aren’t with us anymore. We have the same dishes every year, decided even before I was born. The oldies refuse to break tradition and though we younger ones sometimes yearn for food other than what is traditionally served, it gives me comfort that in spite of life’s many changes and shifts, this Christmas menu remains constant.

Along with the love for the season, we’re also big gift givers. No one is spared, not even the help and it’s been this way since time in memorial. As the family expands, so do the presents. It doesn’t have to be big ticket items, save for my sister who is extra generous and even started a yearly lechon lunch tradition. We just like to make each other happy and feel loved. The kids however, get the best treats as did we when we were their age. Christmas really is for children and nothing captures the joy of the season more than their happy, smiling faces. Here are snippets of our Christmas Eve. I think the smiles, laughter and antics say it all. Have a blessed 2017!

P.S. our outfits were not planned, coincidentally we all dressed with a color scheme in mind. Great minds come from the same family 🙂

Hello from my family!

Jewel tones for the first four this year. Missing two sisters K & K.

Different shades of red and orange between generations.

The millennials all came in neutrals or pastel.

My cousin’s in laws joined us this year all the way from SF.

My niece Tamina’s first Christmas with us.

My Grandmama’s leche flan is always a staple on every gathering.

Our simple Noche Buena fare.

The opening of gifts is always a major event. It was complete, joyful chaos!

He was ecstatic over this REAL tool set. Just not so obvious here haha!

The oldies got CDs from my late Tito Gerry’s collection. Everyone was emotional and pleasantly surprised.

Yup, she went straight for my lens, candy on her face and all!

The kiddos get a piano lesson from Tita Ga.

Nate being Nate while Tito Geb obliged.



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