There’s a first time for everything, they say.

The weather wasn’t cooperating the day I went to shoot Beng at her eclectic home; the sky was grey and rain was steadily pouring on my way there. For some reason, it didn’t faze me nor did her. I had a mission to accomplish and she, ever the steady one, was game to do it despite. “I have a red umbrella”, she said. Perfect.

Beng never considered herself stylish but more of a practical shopper who only goes out to buy stuff when the need arises. I respected that, although my thought bubble was “but you’re a size 2 (with three kids!), anything would look good on you!” We jumped right in, rain and all, to their colorful roof deck and got to work.

The townhouse she shares with her artist husband Johnny is truly a creative haven. Paint cans lined the shelf in the staircase, artworks displayed in every nook and cranny, trippy graffiti adorned the walls and an arrow lightbulb that gave out serious pop art vibes was perched above the door. Everything screamed ART LIVES HERE and I loved it. What ensued was an easy banter of catching up in between shots, talking about common friends, our love of music and kids. She’d like to have more, she said. I salute her for that. Like everything else in her world, she approached motherhood with the relaxed ease and nonchalance of a seasoned homemaker, albeit a truly hip one. It reflected in her personal style: in one outfit, what seemed like a regular button-down top had extra thick cuffs and multiple buttons while a vintage floral top sported a semi-cocoon shape that made it out of the box.

These small details sums up Beng’s personality to a T: quiet and serene but packs a mean punch. And did I mention the girl can sing a mean rendition of the Juan Dela Cruz classic Beep Beep? She is also the lead singer of electronica band Drip, on hiatus since December last year after the birth of her third child, Lupe. A third album is on the works, to be released some time next year. See the looks we came up with for a glimpse on this girl’s art-filled life.

What she does wife to Juan, mother to Leon, Maria and Lupe, Marketing Director for the University of Asia and the Pacific (UA&P) and our family business Kenstar Travel, singer / songwriter for Drip

Personal style simple, straightforward and practical

Her days be like Mondays to Thursdays I’m at UA&P. Fridays I do work for the family business at home. Weekends is for family and non-work stuff. Generally we’re up 6am and try to be tucked in bed by 9pm because kids have to be up early for school. When able, I run. Hobbies? I like surfing the net for recipes, house and DIY stuff. I listen to music too.

Favorite designers and shopping haunts I like Uniqlo. SM department store too. But nothing fixed. A lot of my stuff are also vintage.

Top 5 closet staples Blazers, jeans, polos, comfy shoes and vintage accessories

Online surfing Pinterest

Style evolution Since I work in a conservative environment, I have to follow a strict attire guide: no bright colors or tight stuff. I wear more blazers, dressy pants, dresses; t-shirts and shorts are reserved for the weekend. I dress for comfort and what’s age-appropriate, too. I constantly edit my closet, at least once every two months, so what I have doesn’t make it a challenge to get ready in the morning. It’s pretty tight and well-curated.

Current uniform Mine would be a white or striped top, jeans and sneaks. It’s a no-brainer look, plus it’s relaxed. I have three small children and so I need to be ready for a lot of movement and action.


Top, Zalora; cardigan, G2000; skirt, vintage; pumps, Anne Klein.


Her husband Juan’s plaster of paris installation makes the perfect backdrop for Beng’s accessories: a mix of vintage and rustic pieces gifted by loved ones.



Top, vintage; jeans, Details; sandals, Seychelles.


White Assemblege by her husband Juan Alcazaren


An artist’s life is literally full of color!



A Nubbin Beldia painting brings color to this corner by the staircase.


Dress, Promod; punps, Anne Klein.


Collages by Chabet


More Than This Arrow light installation by Juan Alcazaren


Top, Mango; skirt, SM; sandals, Seychelles.


Vintage pearl necklace and earrings from her mom






Top, Avocado; skirt SM; shoes, Payless.




Floral blazer, vintage; jeans, Petrol; slip-ons, Payless; top, SM.



Deer skull wall decor is a gift from her mom


Top and loafers, H&M; pants, Topshop.





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