A few weeks ago I got a text from my friend Marcie, an old colleague from Summit who now runs her own PR company, asking if I was free to attend an event. I no longer go to events as much (or at ALL) since I left publishing, unless it’s a friend organizing it or I tag along with someone who is. I said yes because:

a. I missed it.

b. I wanted to support my friends. Zo, Marcie’s partner and former Cosmopolitan EIC, is also a pal.

c. It was a good way to network with other bloggers and people in the industry again.

So off I went a bit north of Makati where I live to the Céleteque event in the Bayanihan Center inside the Unilab compound. I used to live in that street and a lot has changed since 2004. It was a huge events center with various conference rooms; apparently it has been around for a while (yes, I don’t leave my ‘hood unless I really have to).

The invite said we had a crime to solve and were in for a new discovery. I was intrigued. I get there and find make up stations set up while guests were getting groomed by a couple of make up artists. Céleteque had make up?! Who knew? And it isn’t just your usual drugstore brand either: their cosmetics line had skincare formula that not only looks great on, it cares for your face too. How about that!

After having my foundation corrected, Zo asked us to sit outside while we wait for other participants to join  usbefore going to one of the rooms. It felt like I was a kid solving some sort of mystery role play. I was right! We went into a blue-lit room and were greeted by two “scientists” formulating concoctions into products that would solve all skin dilemmas. I had to wear a lab coat, don fake glasses, got a pen and clipboard and with the guidance of Professor X, went through activities to “create” the best product given my assigned skin problem. We had to do a bit of thinking and analyzing—it was fun! I also couldn’t help but notice the younger magazine folk and bloggers who moved so fast: taking photos while doing the activity with grace and expertise while there I was struggling to listen while sneaking in a photo or two. Keeping Up with the Millennials, indeed.

After that fun and very trippy activity we headed back to the main hall for some snacks and drinks. Food was YUMMYYY and I met some nice people while waiting for my turn at the carving station.

Once the program was done, we all lined up for the goody bags (really the highlight of any event next to the food and booze) and I was super surprised to receive my own personalized tote filled to the brim with all these amazing products! Yes, I’m not that kind of blogger who goes to events day in and out, so I was truly kilig with my loot. I’ve started using the anti-aging line and my skin has improved; less dark spots and a smoother, more supple surface. I have yet to try on the make up and will post a photo when I do. Thank you Marcie and Zo for a fun and delicious afternoon!

Scroll down to see what I got and try them out for yourselves. Céleteque is a local brand with premium positioning that I once thought was imported. Great job, Unilab!

In true millennial fashion, the souvenir photo was a video gif that was emailed to us after. Cool, huh? (awkward)


Make up stations where you can have a whole face done by experts!


The resident scientist hard at work showing us how to come up with the best skincare products.


Giving the group instructions. He really was very enthusiastic.


Cleanse, tone and moisturize the Céleteque way.


Can’t wait to take this on my next sojourn!


Each line is color coordinated for easy use and purchase. This line is for brightening.


What I’m currently using now. The collagen gel smells so clean and fresh!


I still get acne from time to time so I’m glad to have these at bay.


Sun protection is even more important now that I’m in my 40s.


I’ve tried these before and happy to have stock!


I’ve used the concealer and coverage is nice, smooth and not cakey. Verdict on the make up line coming soon.

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