No screaming signage here. If you’re familiar with the shop, you’ll know it’s the one by the two blue dots on the wall.

I’ve wanted to visit Colette ever since I heard of the famed shop in the early 2000s. When Instagram exploded, I immediately followed them and vowed one day to see the very hip, very chic pieces and interiors housed within the three-floor space. Little did I know that I would find very hip, very chic individuals in it, too. It was a full house when I finally got to drop by on our last day in Paris. I went alone, as my family had their own last minute shopping to do; I simply couldn’t miss it. What caught my attention, apart from the excellent merchandise and displays, were the shoppers and sales staff: it seemed that all the stylish people in Paris converged and decided to hang out there, quietly going about their way. There was none of the usual French uniform, everyone had their own look, there was a lot of COLOR! If you weren’t keenly observing, the sales staff could be one of them too, as they casually hang around the floor and wait until you make eye contact before asking what you need.

I couldn’t not buy something to remember it by so I went for a plain black cap that has  “notice me” embroidered at the back. It’s from French label F.A.M.T (Fuck Art Make Tees). I ask a streetwear-clad hipster to get me not one, but two caps to choose from, much to his confusion as he reasoned, “it’s exactly the same”. No it’s not, I reply. This pesky Asian chick can see the smallest discrepancies, LOL. Leaving the shop rather bitin and sad, I felt extremely lucky and ecstatic to finally see it in person. The guy behind the cashier even noticed my earrings and asked where I got them; I brazenly told him they should sell it in store and proceeded to yak how I’ve been wanting to visit for as long as I can remember, like a silly fangirl. It was the perfect ending to an epic trip.

Colette is at 213 Rue Saint Honoré, 75001 Paris, France

The store window highlighted Rihanna’s collab with Puma.

Color everywhere! One of the things I loved about their displays was it didn’t share the somber, neutral French uniform I saw so much of.

Mono pepto pink vs my all-green outfit!

If you’re a (straight) man and can pull this off, I salute you!

Girly but not saccharine. And those shoes!!

Shop girl in Gucci slides = epitome of chic.

Bathroom selfie with my attention-grabbing earrings.

Have mirror, will take #ootd.


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