Confessions of a Xeomin Virgin

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At 42, I’ve never had anything invasive (cosmetic treatments) done to my face. Much like any fashion girl, I’m quite lazy when it comes to beauty: I hardly comb my hair, wear minimal make-up if I really need to, don’t get facials or hair treatments. My only consistent beauty indulgence is having my nails done at my favorite nail salon (Nail Spa either in Rockwell or Gamboa st. in Makati). Sure, it’s a bit of a splurge compared to the salon manicurista but I reason that since this is the only beautifying ritual I’m loyal to, it’s okay to spend a bit more.

But I’ve been thinking of my skincare routine a lot more lately, specially since I’m nearing my mid-40s. I’ve invested in serums, oils (I have dry skin) and SPF to repair any damage done by reckless sun exposure in my youth and as a preventive measure so I don’t get rubbery skin in my senior years. Though I should’ve started before age 25  applying moisturiser and SPF religiously—even indoors—I believe it’s never too late to start taking care of your skin. Growing up, I would watch Mom remove her makeup every night with Pond’s cold cream and noticed little else in her skincare routine. You could say she’s really low maintenance when it comes to vanity so it didn’t really become a priority for me until I worked for a magazine in my mid-20s. I’m happy to report though that at 71, she doesn’t look a day older than 60 TBH; call it genes or luck, she is blessed with both. My Tita Lola Guapa however, does not wash her face with cleanser or water AT ALL and instead uses her Dior skincare line day in and day out, simply wiping away make up and dirt with it. I can’t imagine not washing my face with water or wipes but you should see her skin! Nary a wrinkle in sight and baby smooth skin at the ripe old age of 87.

That’s a wall of real flowers BTW. It was really pretty.

Saw my friend Mich, PR goddess with a super fresh, just-went-on-holiday glow.

The beautiful and super nice doctors at SkinCell!

Now I don’t get invited to a lot of events unlike most bloggers, so I was pleasantly surprised to get a message from Bea of Buensalido PR to attend the launch of Xeomin, a safer, purer, less toxic version of the popular Botox to treat fine lines and wrinkles. What sets Xeomin apart from the competition is that it doesn’t cause your body to react and become immune to the toxin, no matter how many sessions you have. It’s basically the “organic” counterpart of Botox in layman terms.

June 6 treatment 

Squinting so Dra. can check my fine lines. Happy to report that there aren’t so much yet.

Numbing my masseter muscles before the shot.

Dra. Issa moments before administering my FIRST EVER invasive treatment (was very nervous inside).

Squeezing this stress ball actually helped!


I have to admit, I was hesitant at first, I’ve never had any needles poking at my face and wasn’t sure how my body would react. When it was my turn to see Dra. Issa Cellona (who was super chic in her black Vania Romoff jumpsuit and heels) at her San Antonio Plaza clinic in Makati, she noted that I didn’t have prominent wrinkles yet (YAY!) and instead focused on my masseter (facial muscles) along my jawline. “This is what we should address, let’s make it smaller!”, Dra. Issa said excitedly and proceeded to fill the syringe with Xeomin while I nervously watched and tried to document it with my iPhone cam. “Give her a stress ball please”, she says after seeing me clutch my fist tightly. No EMLA was applied, as there were a lot of guests that day but in the end, it wasn’t so bad. “You’ll see results in about three weeks since the masseter takes longer to take effect unlike the upper face. Good news is, it will last up to six months!!”, I was assured.

What I observed right after was some soreness in the area and slight difficulty chewing which eventually faded by dusk (I had the injection around 3pm). I went about the weeks not exactly obsessing about it but checking periodically at night to see if there were already signs of a smaller jaw. On the second week, Bea messaged me to come to a follow up treatment to check the results so I booked an appointment at St. Luke’s hospital where Dra. Issa also held a clinic. She was pleased with the results saying I now had a heart-shaped face instead of square. Indeed, when I took a selfie, I did see a smaller jawline! Dra. Issa then asked me to lift my brows to check forehead lines and saw some uneven ones that she injected with Xeomin, but concentrated mainly on my masseter muscles and added a bit more to both sides, especially the right since it was bigger than the left (due to many one-sided grinding while I slept or was stressed for years). I have since become more conscious about it, and quickly avoid it once I start to.

I’m so excited to see the results in two weeks, hopefully my face becomes even smaller and slimmer. This time, EMLA was applied and I had to wait 40 minutes before getting the shots. Surprisingly, the ones on the forehead hurt more than the masseter, unless I’m just not used to it. I totally get how addictive it is now, this Xeomin treatment. It’s a quick, mostly painless way to a more youthful-looking persona. Best part is, you’ll never get immune to it, just make sure you don’t go overboard. Laugh lines and a bit of wrinkles are signs of wisdom and experience; nothing can replace those treasures.

How much will this treatment set you back? It usually depends on the clinic, which areas are targeted and the units consumed. Range is around P300-P500 per unit.

My “before” photo taken last June 6 at the event.

June 26 treatment

My “after” photo taken last June 26, about three weeks after the event. Taken when I went back for a follow up treatment, this time in St. Luke’s in BGC.

Putting EMLA on my forehead for my follow up treatment.

Afterwards, it’s EMLA for my masseter muscles.

Wrapped the areas with plastic to help the skin absorb the cream. Let it sit for 40 mins.

Dra. Issa and I meet again! She injected my forehead and both sides of masseter muscles. Surprisingly, the forehead shots hurt a lot more!

Looking worse for wear after the session. Notice the needle marks on my forehead? Not in photo are the marks on the sides of my face.

Disclaimer: This IS NOT MY FINAL “after” photo, just wanted to show you how it looked right after the shots. I will take one around July 17, that’s three weeks after this was taken and share it here! Stay tuned!

PS. As of press time, I feel stiffness on my forehead when I raise my brows which is the effect of the drug and immediately noticed less prominent lines!

If you still need  a bit more convincing, read this


SkinCell Branches:

San Antonio Plaza (For aesthetic procedures only)

Unit M30, 2nd Level, McKinley Road, Makati City

Landline: (632) 777-2355

Mobile: (0917) 7991412 (Tess)

Open Mon-Sat, 11am – 5pm


Bocobo Center

Unit 3 Mezzanine Level,

1253 J. Bocobo cor. Padre Faura st. Ermita Manila

Landline: (632) 526-1379

Mobile: (0917) 5997620 (Chor)

0917- 8322445 (Edna)

Open Mon-Sat, 9am-3pm


Venice Grand Canal Mall

2nd Floor Unit B152a

Taguig City

Landline: (632) 625-4552

Mobile: (0915) 6034769


St. Luke’s Global

Room 818/819

Medical Arts Building, St. Luke’s Global City Taguig City

Landline: (632) 7897700 loc. 7818 (Abby)

Mobile: (0917) 5997620

T/TH/Sat 2pm-5pm



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