Dimple Lim isn’t your typical angsty, melodramatic, egocentric artist. In fact, outlandish outfits aside, she is quite the opposite—very pleasant, soft-spoken and humble. “I wear a lot of black and just accentuate it with accessories”, she tells me when I got to the apartment she shares with her 8-year old son, Art and cat, Yin. Yang, their other pet cat, apparently ran away and has been missing for months; Art doesn’t think his other pet will be coming back and seems to be ok with it. Dimple shares her son’s easygoing demeanor and despite their unusual set-up where her workspace is also her home, I could see she sets strict parameters (like tablet time) and Art dutifully obeys the house rules.

I request to see more of Dimples’ more colorful clothes and she brings down a bunch from their bedroom loft. It’s a mix of geometric prints, vintage, structured cuts and slouchy bits that we put together on the spot. “My stuff are all over the place but I know where they are…somehow.” I urge her to look for her ukay-scored Docs with two-inch heels, something I haven’t seen before. It went perfectly with the black and red punk-inspired outfit that a jeepney driver yelled, ” wow, ’80s o!” while I was trying to get the shot across the street.

I also mention she reminds me of the Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama and she says that she’s a huge fan, too. “Those dotted designs of hers is what she actually sees everyday.” Amazing. Dimple is well aware that the label “artist” comes with a stereotype, often negative than good, so she strives to be levelheaded and practical, especially for Art. I think she’s doing a stellar job, both in honing her craft and raising such a smart and inquisitive boy. “Does he have artistic inclinations as well?”, I ask. She says he is into drawing and that his images are very detailed. Art’s dad is an artist too, so it’s inevitable that it rubs off on their son. Dimple confides after our shoot that this was way out of her comfort zone. I assured her she did great, gave her a hug and made plans to hang out again. Here’s our first—and hopefully not the last—collab.

What she does Fashion designer

Personal style Anything goes, bits and pieces of peculiar finds rolled into one. The irony is, I don’t have time to put in a lot of thought on the way I dress so I just listen to my gut feel, no matter how ridiculous it goes. Unusual pairings can come out as a happy surprise. But on a daily basis, I wear anything black and just accessorize. I try wearing heels as much as I can but it doesn’t seem to work. I also prefer less trendy clothes.

On the importance of appearance The most important thing is how true you are to yourself because that dictates your personal style. Personal style matters.

Her days be like Weekday schedule: I am a working single mom. I cap my night by jotting down my to-do list for the following morning—very essential for a juggler. Early mornings are a mad dash to school and setting up visual inspirations that would lead me through my day of dealing with sewers, assembling pieces of garments, meeting clients and working on our new children’s wear brand Sticks n Stones. The in-betweens are quality time for my son, Art.

Weekends: Aside from weekend fittings, I find time to just be myself. I read. I meditate. I go to Brahma Kumaris, I sometimes bring my son there. I adopted cats Yin (black) and Yang (the white cat who left us, that cat owned me!). I discover new or old music. I love taking street photos, the more chaotic, the better. Then I clear my mind; I seek solitude and go back to creating things. Designing is a curse because you just can’t stop. Otherwise, I’m in the company of like-minded friends who I share the same ideology with.

Favorite designers and shopping haunts Margiela, Comme des Garcons, Alexander Wang, Rag and Bone and Mara Hoffman for tropical vibes; I don’t really shop, but when I do, I check out Adidas, I sometimes buy a thing or two there. H&M and Uniqlo for the basic shirt and stuff.

Top 5 closet staples Loose black shirt, shorts, DMs, colorful sneakers, accessories mostly consisting of pasalubong from my U.N. friend assigned to red zone countries.

Celebrity crush Betty Page because she’s banging. I generally love how old Hollywood celebrities put themselves together. Glamour is such a misused word nowadays. Oh, and the vocalist of Little Dragon, Yukimi Nagano. She’s got fresh personal style.

Online surfing Vice, a lot of Pinterest, Business of Fashion, A Shaded View on Fashion

Reading material I used to read Vogue Japan, Streets, Collezione Sports and Streets before the internet age. And, Ralph Steadman’s illustrations, I hope this counts as magazine.

Current uniform I’m good to go with a loose top and shorts or skirt because it saves time and closet space. Invest and spend more on well-crafted, well-thought of clothes that is versatile, flatters your body and speaks a lot about your personality. Avoid impulsive buying, it’s good for mother nature and your bank account.

Vintage Doc Martens with heels scored from ukay-ukay (flea market)

Cape, Red Valentino; dress, Dimple Lim; boots, Doc Martens.

Poncho from Pakistan; tights, Urban Outfitters; sneakers, bazaar find.

This outfit is her tribute to “A Tribe Called Quest”.

Hats from Pakistan.

Hat from Pakistan; top, Dimple Lim; Cape, Red Valentino; jeans, 999; sneakers, Bazaar find.

Dress, Dimple Lim; purse, Quiapo find; shoes from a bazaar.

Top and skirt, Dimple Lim; tights, Forever 21; shoes, bazaar; accessories, Dimple Lim and some from Sierra Leone.

Playsuit, Adidas; leggings, Adidas by Stella McCartney; sneakers, bazaar; shades, H&M.

Hat, Tracy Dizon.



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