Finding the perfect glasses

Midway through 39 years old, my eyesight began to falter. I used to have 20/20 vision and proud of it; I could’ve been a pilot, I would always think to myself LOL! My first pair of reading glasses at 50/50 grade broke one day. One of the screws fell out and I also noticed that my vision was blurred despite wearing them. I went to Glorietta Mall to have it fixed at the same shop that I bought the lens from, only to find out that they didn’t have the right screw (I had bought my then no-grade glasses in Macau, a Japanese brand). I tried the other optical shops around the area; none of them had the correct length. Finally, I took a chance and entered Owndays. Their strategic location has heavy traffic, so I knew the spot by heart. I inquired about their reading glasses and a very accomodating man immediately attended to me while swiftly getting my old pair to have repaired. They had the right screw! He told me that changing the lens would cost the same as buying a new pair so I went for one of their lightweight and ultra slim models. My old glasses would weigh my nose down after a bit of wearing because of the material. I was surprised with how light the Owndays pair was, it didn’t put any pressure on my nose at all!

After choosing the frame, I went in to their refraction room to have my grade checked. The in-house doctor also moved fast while answering all my queries patiently. Turns out my grade has increased to 125 and I’m on my way to getting progressive lenses. “It’s the age, that’s normal”, said Doc. I had gotten over the initial shock that I actually needed reading glasses so it didn’t feel like a big deal anymore. The whole process took all of 20 minutes or so and the same time I got my new pair, they handed me my newly repaired glasses, as well! It all felt very First World, TBH. I became an instant fan. I’m very happy with my pair and am wearing them as I type.

I picked their entry level glasses that’s ultra light and slim. Since my face is a combination of round and square, I got a rectangular shape that’s in between narrow and wide. Anything too narrow would be too small and would give my face a pinched look. The slightly angular shape sharpens my soft features while the wide frame also help anchor my cheekbones.

So when I thought about doing a story on finding the right glasses for your face shape, I naturally thought of Owndays. I messaged them on their FB page and a few hours later, someone replied and directed me to their Marketing Dept. Easy, painless and fast response from Cabby, an associate from the H.O; the same impressive service I got in the store. She suggested I do it in their Shangri-La Mall branch, their flagship store and biggest, complete with a lounge. Next challenge was to find models with different face shapes. I called on some girlfriends who very kindly agreed to be shot for nothing (forever grateful!!). Here’s the result of that fun afternoon. Hope you find this feature helpful when the time comes you need a pair. And although this isn’t a paid post, I highly recommend Owndays. You won’t regret it.

I’m a sucker for vertical gardens so naturally, I was drawn to this accent wall. It’s the perfect touch of nature to the minimalist space.

The shop goes deep and at the end of the store is the coffee lounge.

Glasses and shades in every imaginable shape and size!

These models are similar to what I got. It’s so light and slim, like you’re wearing nothing at all. Plus it easily fits into my small collection of mini bags.

Collaborations with brands for the hip customer. A pair exists for every age group and personality.

Get your eye grade analyzed here before purchasing a pair.

This is where you go through a reading test to make sure you’re given the correct lens grade.

The most common face shapes: heart, oval, round and square. It’s very important to know your face shape, not just for eyewear shopping but also for finding the right hat and even for necklines, too.

Leona, Zo and Monica were my models and friends I’ve met through work and the blog.

Zo has a heart shaped face so rounder frames look best on her, with the top part just grazing her eyebrows and the bottom sits atop her pronounced cheekbones. The bottom heavy frames help balance out a pointed chin, while the extended temple design allows for better symmetry.

Leona and Monica arrived in complementing outfits that was totally unplanned!

Monica has an oval face with cheekbones that are just the right proportion, suiting her short pixie cut just fine. This face shape is the most flexible and can get away with almost any style. Her glasses are similar to mine except that it has a slightly bigger frame to accentuate her best features. If you’ve got an oval face, by all means experiment with bold looks! You can get away with it.

Blogger Sujun Neo has a long, elongated face so a narrow frame is the perfect choice. It cuts across exactly in the middle of her face, tempering the length and softening the features. Long faces can get away with the most narrow styles as opposed to a square like me because it doesn’t look too small or not proportional on them.

Leona is combination of oval and heart making it easy for her to shop for glasses when the time comes. A round frame that’s slightly smaller than her face doesn’t overwhelm and balances out her well-defined narrow chin perfectly. Her pair is also a mini version of Zo’s because her face is also a smaller version of a heart.

Happy eyewear shopping!

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