Get To Know Knomo

Summer event season is here and I had the privilege of being a social media ambassador—my first time ever—for London-borne bag brand Knomo. When it came to choosing a design for the chicest laptop bag there is, I gravitated towards the Mayfair / Beauchamp backpack: a lightweight, compact and super stylish nylon and leather number that gave off serious Prada circa 1990s vibes. Form was never sacrificed for the functions, and are there many! 

All trimmings are made of genuine leather; there are numerous inside pockets unique to the brand for organizing all your stuff; a Knomo ID can be found stitched in the lining that you register online and finds your bag, should you lose it; and a very high-tech RFID chip inside the pocket to protect card information! There are a ton of styles and colors to choose from and most are showcased in these beautiful shots by Sheila Catilo worn with the guests’ best summer #ootds. Really a joy to look at and evokes the season’s vibe like no other!  

Order your Knomo bag at and use my code KNOMOXANNE for a 10% discount, stat! 

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