Holiday fashion the SOS Way

‘Tis the season for endless parties, reunions and dinners so I thought what better way to give you outfit inspiration than from the cool people I’ve featured since the blog launched. Real style you can relate to no matter what your party outfit mood is, straight from the SOS archives. I had fun curating these and looking back at the photos and memories that came with it—there were plenty! Each and every person featured here is special, not because they dress well (cos that’s a given), nor because I personally chose them but because every one of them are unapologetic about their style preference and wear it with ease and confidence. Some are my clients, some my friends and some I don’t know as well but admire nonetheless. Hope you’re inspired to try out any of these looks for the many events you’ll attend this holiday season—NYE included. Consider this my Christmas gift to you! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

P.S. There are two new faces in this post that will soon make their individual debuts on the blog. Stay tuned!











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