Showing off her superpowers: an incredibly creative mind that makes the most covetable & one-of-a-kind accessories.

The first thing I noticed upon entering Joyce’s spacious apartment was the music. Blasting on hidden surround speakers was Cocteau Twins, a band from the 80’s that I love with a distinct following; so distinct, that most people don’t know of them so hearing their song at that moment gave me the jitters of the good kind. I was with a kindred spirit. Her home is a lot to take in: it’s maximalist, colorful yet cozy, peppered with ornaments and trinkets from travels, heavily inspired by far flung exotic destinations. You knew artists lived there and for Cholo and I, it was a feast for the senses. And treated to a feast we were when her husband Petteri stuffed us with an Indian spread of soup, samosas and sweets for a “light” snack. All this happened even before a single shot was taken!

“Shopping to me is a whimsical habit. I never do planned, serious shopping. Accidental shopping happens on my way to my showroom!”, Joyce shares when I ask about her sartorial strategy. It shows in her choice of outfits, given SOS guidelines. One moment she is rockstar, then sports a sleek athleisure ensemble (to cope with her growing kids’ preferences) and turns into Stepford Wife “for my husband because he is old-fashioned”, she shares with a laugh. I enjoyed every transformation and naturally asked for a sample performance when she whips out her Marshall. She used to be in a rock band, played in the now defunct music sanctum Club Dredd but nowadays only performs for herself. “My compositions are not bad!”, Joyce brags and I fully believe her, but she refuses to play it for public consumption…not just yet.

Joyce is candid about her preferences— be it about fashion, music, food or philosophy and doesn’t seem to take herself too seriously which is refreshing and cool. Her designs paint a picture of strength, commanding presence and solid structure that can stand the test of time and trends. Her transparent personality shines through the metals and stones she molds together and this is what makes them truly unique and special.

Now, we just have to wait for that first solo album. Hopefully she doesn’t keep us waiting too long.

Visit Joyce Makitalo showroom at 1401 BSA Tower 108 Legazpi st. (across the Greenbelt 5 driveway)

Photographed by Cholo Dela Vega


What she does Jewelry designer and painter

 Personal style Always very hard to describe! It’s all about surprising myself, I guess. Sometimes I like channeling eras, sometimes it’s about combining vintage pieces with modern ones. I love combining colors and discovering unpredictable matches that work.
On appearance and why it matters On a scale of 1-10, I want to look good for myself, so 10! I put mascara on at bedtime.

Her days be like I made two weekends for myself. Wednesdays are spent bringing my kids to their school in Sta. Rosa and driving over to Tagaytay to sketch and plan what’s next with the jewelry. Weekends are spent at home with the family.

Favorite designers and shopping haunts 

I collect vintage Chanel and am a big fan of Coco’s story. I love the history aspect of Chanel.

Ever since Alexander McQueen passed away, I haven’t really gotten excited about fashion, but then Alessandro Michele came to Gucci and I’m in love again 🙂 The aesthetic is very Wes Anderson, quirky and fun.

I go to Vania Romoff (whose studio is neighbours with my showroom) for special pieces, she’s my go-to designer. I feel like Baroness Schraeder every time I wear her! Im also a fan of Ken Samudio, Maco Custodio, Martin Bautista, Joel Escober, RAJO!, etc. We have so much local talent, it’s crazy.

I shop online, Zara, Marc Jacobs (fun!), Seek the Uniq, Topshop, Adora, +AC632 and Aranaz.

Top 5 closet staples Navy double-breasted jackets (I have too many, actually), embroidered lantern-sleeved tops, brocade dresses, snug but structured black pants, and pairs of jeans which look like they’ve been violated by elephants.

Celebrity crush (who you want to be for a day) An Angelina Jolie / Margot Tenenbaum crossbreed

Online surfing Vogue and The Sartorialist

Reading material US Vogue, Vanity fair and British Vogue follow. I always grab a copy of Porter when in Europe.

Current uniform For work days, navy everything, with vintage military pins and tiny silk scarves (I love tailored military coats, especially the double-breasted kind) and for weekends, a handmade, colorful tribal jacket with tattered denim shorts.

Dress, Marc Jacobs; pants and sandals, Zara.

Her collection of local woven totes and purses.

Bet you didn’t know Joyce has an alter ego rockstar persona. She composes and performs only for and with herself.

Sweater, mini skirt and booties, all Zara.

Guitar, Marshall GAP.

Chanel for life!

Dress, River Island; heels, Zara; pearl necklace with charms, vintage.

Chunky, bold cuffs from India and Afghanistan are the icing to her outfits.

A boho girl through and through.

Embroidered lantern-sleeve top, Nine; denim shorts, American Eagle; lace-up gladiators, Topshop.

Firebird track jacket, Adidas; brown leather skirt, Zara; sneakers, Converse shroud.

Crystal wands for well-being of the mind, body and soul.

Tulle vest, Joel Escober; jeans, Zara.


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