P1060624Photos by Sid Maderazo; Eyewear, Panda. Dress, Tango; slip-ons, Zara.

As far as physical transformations go, Kat’s has been one of the most dramatic I’ve seen so far. She has lost over 35 lbs, used to be a size L-XL and didn’t really think much about fashion AT ALL. The remarkable change has been fascinating for me, her determination to maintain her weight putting my own efforts to shame. She’s one of the few people I know who completely did a 180 and embraced a new lifestyle change. No small feat! And did I mention that she’s a sweetheart? This devoted mom of two spends over an hour every morning making adorable Bento boxes for her kids’ baon (check-out her amazing creations at her IG acct: @bentobykat), runs the household, their family’s eyewear business and does make-up for print and TVC shoots. Phew.


Her closet was chock-full of basics with no dressier stuff whatsoever so it was like working on a blank canvas, which I kind of prefer. It’s more fun finding a person’s style identity along the way. And that we did! In one of the trips while in the dressing room, I took her photo so she could appreciate the look more. She couldn’t believe the person she saw. All outfits featured were from our shopping trips that her hubby (who also happens to be a director) shot with expertise. Another discovery? She can pose like a pro. 


Clean, minimal lines work best with petite frames. It also tempers a loud color like tangerine, making it wearable and alive. 




Versatile robes like this striped chiffon version work both as a cover-up and as an office piece. Simply replace with a silk blouse and pants. Robe, Tango; shorts, Nothing But H2O. 




Same goes with this green button down! Wear it with a pencil skirt and sandals and you’re ready for the day. Swimsuit and shorts, Nothing But H2O. 



Kat loves to travel with her family and with two kids in tow, comfort is key. Boyfriend jeans to the rescue! But the jacket keeps it slick. Jacket, Uniqlo; tank top, H&M; jeans, Zara. 



A shift dress with a whimsical tweed print is a great alternative to the LBD (little black dress). Works in the beach, too! Dress, Mosaic. 

P1070227Dress, Mosaic.

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