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olivia-palermo-style-1_zps1190c018.jpgoriginal I love seeing well-dressed people. Visually, it makes me happy to see someone put effort into dressing up whether it be at an event or a trip to the market. The effortless look, which actually takes quite the effort, is not always the easiest to achieve. To the trained eye, it’s a real treat to discover. 

So I thought to myself, why not help the average Joe find their fashion identity? People often ask me for outfit advice it’s become second nature plus I visit fashion sites on a daily basis, purely for fun, to satisfy my eyes and get ideas. And who doesn’t love a good make-over show? There’s just something about a plain Jane turning into a swan that is appealing to everyone—fashion lover or not.

Victor-Cruz-Fashion-2Once I did a dry run of my personal styling service and saw amazing results I knew I was on the right track. It was so enlightening that I decided to document it by way of photographs published online for everyone to see and hopefully, get inspiration from.  I don’t choose the prettiest or skinniest or the tallest people to guide.  I prefer to feature a diverse group of individuals from different backgrounds, jobs, body size and budget because no one is a perfect size 2 or looks like Jessica Alba. But one can try without losing track of their personal style. That’s the whole essence of this site. That, and looking effortless, effortlessly.

Welcome to Sylist of Sorts.

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