Liza’s #ilardelizaprintaday

I LOVE looking at beautiful fashion images that evoke joy and inspiration, in case you haven’t noticed my daily IG posts of people’s #OOTDs, stunning fabric, textures and accessories. When I chanced upon Liza Ilarde’s IG and #ilardelizaprintaday photos, I did a happy dance in my head and immediately thought of making a whole blog post about it just because. I didn’t meet the fashion veteran until recently at a shoot for Seek The Uniq and took the chance to ask her permission to repost my favorites. She agreed and one morning, I literally had her photos for breakfast, scanning through all 502 of them to come up with my own curated images. I think only a fashion lover would go through these lengths and screenshot, crop and layout just for the heck of it but I enjoyed every minute.

I also got to pick Liza’s brain on her love of prints and picked up some tips on how you can rock it like a pro. Happy viewing!

How did your print a day series come about?

When I first joined Instagram in 2012, I just posted what everyone else was posting—food, pets, travel, and, of course, my outfit of the day. In other words, I just copied haha.. The collages seemed to be the best way to show your ootd and it appealed to me, so I decided to make that my standard. But to make it distinctly my own, I made my daily print a signature feature.

Your style is so different from the usual Pinay. How would you describe it? Who were/are your biggest influences?

I don’t really know how to describe it, but people have called my style quirky, eclectic, and original. Growing up, my style influences were fashion magazines, rock stars, and Betty & Veronica.

A lot of readers ask how to wear print on print. What are your tips? Do’s and Dont’s? (re-published from Seek The Uniq)

One has to have to have an eye for mixing prints—I guess I have it! If you don’t and would like to experiment, there are general rules to keep in mind:

  • Choose prints that have the same scale and a similar color palette.
  • Keep it to two prints at a time (although three is not uncommon for me).
  • Your shoes and bag should pick up a color from the print; or to be safe, make it a neutral shade.
  • Simple accessories work best to avoid looking overly decorated.
  • A streamlined silhouette makes the prints be the focus of your outfit, so avoid details like ruffles, ruching, anything with too much volume.
  • As a start, try to pair a linear print (stripes, plaid) with something fluid (florals, leopard).

Can you share your process on how you get dressed every morning?

I don’t have one! I rarely ever plan my outfit the night before. I go by the day’s activities, my mood, and if I’m feeling fat. So, yes, I will try on like 10 outfits, only to go back to the first one!

What’s your favorite print of all time? And why?

The Unikko print by Marimekko. It just makes me happy.

How do you not run out of prints to wear given your constant #ootd shots?

Well, aside from shopping for new clothes, I always bring out old printed pieces, some of which I’ve had since the 80s! That would be considered vintage! (Not to mention, hoarding)

I love that you repeat clothes and style it differently each time. What’s the key/keys to maximizing what you have?

When I repeat prints, I wear them for different occasions. So I can style, let’s say, a printed skirt with sneakers and a T-shirt for day; then for a cocktail event, with heels and a sequin jacket. Also, I make sure that when I repeat, I’m going to be with a different crowd!

What’s your advice to ladies who want to try wearing something out of the box but are hesitant?

The great thing about fashion is if you wear it today and you hate it, you can always wear something else tomorrow! So don’t be afraid to experiment and try new things. Fashion is supposed to be fun!



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