Looking very gangsta cool in an Adidas sweatshirt, socks and sneakers with an H&M dress worn as skirt.

For every woman who loves fashion, meeting an owner of a famously chic boutique evokes equal amounts of excitement and envy. Especially if said boutique exceeds said fashion-lovers budget. Learning that Lloyda Lim-Tan has all of Giordano Ladies’ clothes and shoes—the minimalist heaven that attracts even the most adventurous dressers—at her disposal made me feel a tad sad about my own wardrobe…but only for a moment. Sure, she has boxes of boxes of shoes (her obsession), her clothes are simple but beautiful and she basically grew up in a palace, yet she is nothing like the retail heir you’d expect to meet; no airs or an ounce of self-entitlement, in fact, she is almost apologetic for the grandeur around her. “My mom likes a lot of gold”, she sheepishly shares, making her look extremely out of place in the living room, as if she were playing dress-up in someone else’s mansion. One thing is apparent: her love for fashion and what she does—and the lack of a single accessory. “I’ve gone through my Harajuku phase where I wore the most colorful stuff. Now that I’m older, I prefer basic, clean lines that are easy to wear. They don’t even have to be designer as I wear anything. But I need to be able to care for my family freely.” Lloyda was once a blogger, too, way before blogging became the rage and a full fledged business. She authored Fashionista Fortune Cookie and though her last entry was back in 2014, it still exists. “It’s my baby and I’d like to keep it around.” There you’ll find a more adventurous-dressing Lloyda in—gasp!—color and a younger aesthetic. Personally, I wish she’d revive it and write about her new look and styling tricks we can all learn and be inspired from. For now, I had the pleasure of getting to know her and re-introducing this former Preview Best Dressed girl to you.

What she does Brand Manager for Giordano Ladies

Personal style Comfy, easy to wear, no frills type. I like loose comfortable clothes, nothing too dainty and sweet. I gravitate towards neutrals colors though most of my clothes are colour black. I’m the type of person who just grabs whatever is on the top pile in my closet.

My style has evolved a lot! I’ve always been into dressing up ever since I was young. There was a time when I was very into Harajuku Kawaii Fashion, then it evolved into the trendy style set next. I think I have reached this age wherein I really just want to dress comfortably. As we grow older our fashion aesthetic changes as well.

On appearance and why it matters Being in the retail business I suppose one must always look presentable. There are days though that I feel extremely lazy and just be in loose jeans, white tee, & flats ensemble. I like to dress up because I feel it has always been my outlet to express myself.

Her days be like My weekdays usually start at 5:30am when I wake up the kids for school. Then I head to the office in the afternoon. I’m thinking of attending Yoga or Pilates classes after I drop off the kids but I’ve yet to bring my lazy ass self to enrol to one. Hahaha. Weekends are reserved for the family like bringing the kids to their activities and just chilling out at home.

Favorite designers and shopping haunts I shop anywhere! Local online shops, tiangge & bazaars, department stores, small local shops. I love shopping for good finds. I’m not really brand conscious, as long as I like something I buy it. I like Giordano (for my basics), Giordano Ladies, Delpozo, Comme des Garcons, Alexander Wang, COS, Monki, Celine, Acne, Jil Sander.

Top five closet staples

Black leather Longchamp le pliage (very Titas of Manila, I know)

Black dress

Loose wide legged trousers

Plain Tees in Black, White or Grey

Flat shoes

Celebrity crush I adore Taylor Tomasi Hill and Victoria Beckham.

Online surfing Business of Fashion, Who What Wear, Man Repeller.

Reading material I like reading Japanese & Korean magazines. I buy them whenever I go abroad. But right now I am mostly finding a lot of inspirations on IG. I am addicted to IG!

Current uniform I think having a uniform would make dressing up in the morning a whole lot easier. I don’t know if my style is what you can call uniform dressing but you’ll usually see me in black and neutral coloured clothes that’s easy to mix & match.

Sweatshirt, Adidas.

Stripe flats from China and H&M.

Top and skirt, Giordano Ladies. Sandals, Mango.

Shoes from Mango, H&M and Giordano Ladies.

Dress from China; slip-ons from Giordano Ladies.

Sneakers from Adidas

Top and pants, Giordano Ladies; slippers, H&M.

More flats from China.

Dress, Mosaic.

Shoes from Giordano Ladies and online shops.

Top, skirt and shoes from Giordano Ladies.


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