I met Manika Yujuico years ago when she was just a student about to spend the summer abroad—Egypt if I remember right. It was a feature for Style Profile in Preview magazine, the section I used to produce and one of the inspirations for this blog. I remember her purple Prada flats collection and the relaxed, unself-conscious way she wore the clothes with the grace of a woman beyond her years. It’s difficult to pinpoint Manika’s style; the way she combines hi/low is total fashion genius, her incredibly curated shoe collection that’s always a hot topic amongst her IG followers, and lately, her uniquely shot and inspiring #ootds that focus on the clothes sans her pretty face. Chameleon comes to mind, with a touch of preppy mixed with structured, minimalist pieces is a close second, if I were to label it. Everything just looks so darn good on her no matter how simple, a true testament that sporting designer head-to-toe doesn’t give one style superiority. Manika lives in Singapore now with her husband and little boy Noah (who moves like a seasoned dancer whenever mom puts on a beat, much to my viewing delight). After seeing her nth outfit post, I had to ask her to send me some looks to feature in SOS. The images delight, inspire and encourage the creative in everyone to wear pieces already existing in their wardrobe in a whole new way.

Now, excuse me while I search for the perfect corset belt. Enjoy the photos!

What she does Full time Mama

Personal style I’ll try everything

Her days be like Giving myself a mani at home

Favorite designers and shopping haunts Everywhere! I go to Uniqlo a lot. I don’t shop online (it’s too easy and tempting haha)

Top 5 closet staples I love everything in my closet—I don’t have much space so it’s very consolidated and I really do wear it all. If I really had to choose, I would say I can’t live without my silk scarves and Alaia belts.

Reading material Nothing fashion related really, mostly Instagram.

How do you think your style has evolved? I rarely wore color in the past but now I feel nothing is off limits— I like trying it all.

Current uniform I used to have a uniform but now I just have too much fun wearing different things—and usually all at the same time!

On appearance and why it matters (on a scale of 1-10) I love dressing up so I would say it’s pretty important, although the number would depend on the day.

“I can usually only wear this at night because the denim is so thick and so hot.” Dress is Sacai, Belt is Alaia.

“I love a good silk scarf and waist belt!” Scarf is Hermès, Belt is Alaia, Shorts are Zara (formerly jeans she cut).

“The dress underneath is Uniqlo, the coverup is a hand me down from my Tita, not sure where it’s from!”

“I am obsessed with stripes. The shirt is Uniqlo, pants are Isabel Marant, necklaces are from moms and grandmas, belt is very old Levi’s, I think.”

“I have been enjoying monochrome outfits. The shirt and long skirt are Uniqlo, the shorter pink skirt is Miu Miu.”

“The jacket is Comme des Garçons, the dress my mom got for me, shoes are Teva.”

“I love wearing dresses over pants. The dress is H&M and the jeans are Simon Miller.”

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