Natasha photographed with her three beautiful children, twins Arman and Harper with older sister Sahara.  

Fashion lovers have an unspoken, instant bond once they meet for the first time, whether virtually or in person. I have a handful of IG followers-turned-friends who are just as passionate about a great #ootd as I am and aren’t shy to voice out their opinions; thankfully, most are in agreement to whatever I put out there. This is how I know they are kindred spirits. Once in a while, I’m lucky enough to meet them and delightfully discover they are even better IRL and talking shop with them is akin to a gab fest about the latest trends with my sister. Meaning, it’s as if I’ve known them all my life and interacting comes so easily.  

Natasha caught my eye early on thanks to her unique sense of style that’s impossible to compartmentalise. She can rock a dainty look as strongly as athleisure, looking sensational in practically anything thanks to daily gym sessions and a healthy diet. “Clothes look better, too!”, she says with a laugh; enough motivation if you ask me. We finally met during my workshop last March and that cemented what I had already known through her IG feed: the girl can dress! 

She sort of mirrors how I build an outfit on the daily: always depending on my mood and what character I’d like to play that day, with little or no regard to what the conservative Pinoy might think; I’m really into individuality when it comes to fashion, life is too short to be overanalysing what you want to wear today. What I admire even more are people who put together ensembles from various price points, mixing hi-low as opposed to sporting designer head to toe.  It shows creativity & ingenuity, two traits that aren’t apparent on everyone when it comes to sartorial choices. So I was pleasantly surprised with the variety of looks she prepared for our shoot last Holy Week. Natasha is an original in every sense, and one of the nicest, easygoing ladies I’ve had the pleasure of meeting. Enjoy and get inspired by her spirit! 

What she does Consular Associate at US Embassy

Personal style Always changing and trying new things.  I have loved boho/ethnic looks since before it was on trend and have always LOVED shopping at thrift stores to find vintage treasures. 

On appearance and why it matters I like to take care of myself from the inside out.  I eat well, workout, sleep my 8 hours, drinks tons of water and then, it reflects on my fashion.  #fullpackage

Her days be like I work Monday-Friday so I wear business casual those days but, try to find fun ways to make work wear more exciting.  I would say my hobby right now is travel.  My family and I love seeing the world and are taking advantage of visiting all of Asia while we are here in the Philippines.  

Favorite Designers and shopping haunts  ZARA, J. Crew, Rhode Resort, Cleobella, Figue Love, Muzungu Sisters, Stella Jean, Gucci, Pio Pio, Nino Franco, Nor Black Nor White, Seek the Uniq… the list can go on! I shop high/low from Saks to Poshmark and everything in between. I also love finding local designers and artisan pieces. With Poshmark, I try and sell items first and get credit before I buy. When Zara comes out with new items I usually get one or two of the items I love at the beginning of the season and the rest I wait until the sale comes to get a few more. For designer/big pieces I wait for holidays or special occasions for the investments.

Celebrity Crush Solange (Knowles). I love her style and I love her spirit.  She does what she loves and you call tell.  She doesn’t follow what someone tells her to wear—it’s her true style we see.

Online surfing

Manrepeller is still one of my faves, Who What Wear always has great trend-driven articles. My main source of inspiration now over sites and/or blogs is Instagram. 

Here are a few of my faves to follow: @nobordershop @disfunkshionmag @wardrobesicons @handmadebygigi @bontucson @sarahshabacon @bjonesstyle @seaofshoes @juneambrose @tamumcpherson @alltheprettybirds @jennymwalton @wheredidyourstlyego

Podcasts: Pop Fashion, Fat Mascara, On She Goes, Forever 35, Lemon Water, Mom Brain, Food Heaven Podcast, Still Processing from the NYT, Women Who Travel, Second Life, A Few Good Things.

IGTV: @portermag @netaporter @juneambrose @sophie_roe @seaofshoes @bjonesstyle 

Reading material Porter Magazine, Thoughtfully Magazine (new issue comes out in May!), Domino, Afar, Bon Appétit.  

Current uniform I don’t really like following a “uniform.”  I prefer trying new looks everyday.  I do have a selection of silhouettes I think work best for my body type and those are the pieces I veer toward.  But, I don’t necessarily stick to just those looks everyday.  My closet is full of a variety of styles that I love that work for my body and reflect my style.

Black denim, high waisted skirt by a Korean designer, Mydress from Singapore; mesh sports bra by Joy Lab, a brand from Target; mesh long vest from Adidas; sandals, last summer Zara. 

Vintage Banana Republic dress from Buffalo Exchange; lace dress is April Cornell from India; vintage Coach Belt.

Vintage lavender top and vintage red denim skirt; Adidas sandals. 

Purple Mexican dress from AZ; printed skirt from Pio Pio. 

Black off-the-shoulder top, American Apparel (now defunct); Red, paisley print vintage pajama pants; Zara slides.

Tie dye tee from men’s section at Landmark and vintage tie dye skirt from IG. 

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