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Star Wars drone-ish: the Canon 100D

Star Wars drone-ish: the Canon 100D


After watching a few episodes of Fashion Bloggers on E! (I do need to research), I realised having my own camera was ESSENTIAL if not, required for my line of work. Of course I DO love the photographers I collaborate with here in SOS but there’s nothing like having your own equipment at your disposal–both for business and pleasure. I wanted one that would produce professional-looking images, light enough for me to tote around and be aesthetically pleasing at the same time (ALWAYS a requirement when buying anything). My friends Chico and Aids (both photographers) suggested getting a compact SLR that’ll serve the purpose for the kind of images I want to produce. I didn’t even consider this until I was at the shop and on the phone with Aids, but once I saw and held it, I knew it was THE ONE. It’s lightweight, fairly easy to maneuver and it was white!! I’ve never seen an all-white SLR and I was instantly smitten. I mean, look at this beauty!

So I’ll be happily playing with my new toy this holiday season, learn the ins and outs, take it places and experience the full potential of this magnificent machine they call cameras. Hopefully I become half as good as my advisors. Do let me know if I’m getting there?

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