Turtleneck top, Uniqlo; skirt, Patrice Ramos-Diaz; sandals, SM Parisian; paper tote bag, Comme Des Garcons.

Nimu is one of those diamonds in the rough: a combination of brains, style and wisdom in such a young soul. Meeting her was serendipitous, she was referred by a friend so I had no idea what I was in for when I met her. She led me to a room with a rack of the most basic albeit interesting pieces of tops, pants and a few dresses, a couple of tote bags hung at the end, all in neutral shades of black, white and beige. Her wardrobe was devoid of color or prints but one glance of my magazine-trained eye told me they were special. “Let’s shoot everything!”, was all I said and she gamely agreed. Once we began, I realized I couldn’t let her do the usual blogger poses and instead banked on the nonchalant way she stood, looked down or glanced pensively out the window. It must be a millennial thing–these kinds of poses–because it can look quite contrived on others, me included. In between shots, we talked about our separate Summit days and how it was working for a (mainstream) fashion magazine. She is a creative director so there was a bit of pressure on me to deliver. Nimu was pretty chill about it though, no airs or complaints and an absolute joy to work with. Had we been in Summit at the same time, we surely would’ve been friends, age gap and all. Here she tells me about how she found her signature style, her love for the Beibs and why sleep is her greatest luxury:

What she does Creative Director of Hinge Inquirer

Personal style Genderless/Androgynous/Basic. Growing up, I was really boyish. I was more comfortable wearing T-shirts, jeans, sneakers or flats. It started there. I wasn’t at ease with wearing full-on feminine clothes. But I guess you have to go through that phase to know what look you’re really comfortable with.

Her days be like Weekdays are the craziest days for me. Some days involve photo shoots outside the office, and there are days that I have to be in the office to layout the magazines, approve the design of every publication, and guide my design team. Minsan sabay-sabay lahat, haha! (Sometimes, everything happens all at once, haha!) But it’s fun! I meet new people and collaborate with different photographers and stylists every month, so I get a lot of creative inspiration at work. On weekends, I sleep. Sleep is a luxury for me.  I also make time to run and do yoga.

Favorite designers and shopping haunts I don’t usually order pieces from designers. I consider myself a practical buyer. I choose clothes that I can use for a long time. My favorites are those I can afford like Uniqlo, H&M, Zara, Bleach, Proudrace. And of course, ukay-ukay! But I’m also a big fan of Comme des Garcons, Celine, Carl Jan Cruz, Gian Romano.

Top 5 closet staples Black shirt, black trousers, graphic shirt, black tank top, boyfriend jeans (6. Sneakers)

Celebrity crushes Chloe Sevigny and Tilda Swinton. I like the way they take fashion from uptown to downtown, from high to low, and away from the “norm”. The balance of cool, strange, and “rebel” is refreshing and attractive. I’d love to trade closets with them.

Reading material My favorites are fashion and culture magazines like I-D, Interview, The Gentlewoman. I also like looking at Kinfolk, LOVE, T Style, WSJ because that’s where we get most of our inspiration for our magazine.

Online surfing Tina Roth Eisenberg’s design blog Swiss-Miss. It’s mostly about design and co-working spaces. There are also Who What Wear, The Cut, Preen (shameless plug!), Amuse by I.D and Vice. Also, I’m obsessed with Instagram. When I’m stressed, I look at Instagram. When I work, I check out new posts. It’s my way of (procrastinating, haha!) getting instant inspiration and news.

Style evolution Publishing helped a lot. The more I studied and produced magazines, the more my style naturally evolved. I wear comfortable shoes now. I walk around a lot during shoots; I learned that the way to get through the day is to wear comfortable shoes.

Her current uniform Usually my uniforms involve a lot of blacks. Because I go to work everyday, the last thing I think of is what to wear. I stick to a style that lets me do the job and to the brand of comfort that makes me more creative.






Turtleneck top (worn underneath), H&M; pinstriped top and gaucho pants, socks, all from Uniqlo; shoes, Dr. Martens.




Cropped button down, ukay-ukay; gaucho pants, Uniqlo; shoes, Eytys; “Keanu” tote bag, IDEA books.





Dress, Uniqlo X Hana Tajima; cropped trousers, Uniqlo; shoes, Eytys.



Yeezy 350 Boost, Adidas.



Halter top, Basic Movement x Religion Black; cropped trousers, Uniqlo; shoes, Dr. Martens; backpack, Fjällräven.



Long-sleeved turtleneck and cropped trousers, both from Uniqlo; trench coat, Gian Romano; shoes, Adidas.



Dress, Proudrace; shoes, Adidas; tote bag (gift)


I got myself a Belieber here!



Some of her favorite reads.



Long-sleeved top, Bleach; button-down worn as skirt, ukay-ukay; sandals, Birkenstocks; Garapata tote bag by Dex Fernandez.



Off-shoulder top, Zara; denim culottes, Uniqlo; shoes, Eytys.




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