Prints, color, ruffles and a dash of denim for Spring 2018

Talk about a mash up I can definitely get into! Welcome to 2018.

Just when I thought of going the minimalist route this brand new year, I did a review of the first half’s trends and changed mindsets. The loudest, most vibrant prints were front and center, mixed together with utmost abandon naturally ignited my editor roots and I am more than happy to forge on the colorful route—polarizing and all. Forget about welcoming the new year in a clean, Jap/French-inspired slate! More than ever, now is the time to embrace the zing a good print on print combo can bring and you don’t even have to shop for new pieces just yet (although now is as good a time as any to peruse the sale racks from last season’s collections as most trends carry over to this year). Yeah, I’m looking for excuses. Hello, Zara!

  • Some useful tips are to look into your wardrobe and unearth that old gingham or floral top and pair it with polka dot pants.
  • Rummage through your collection of stripe shirts and sport it with a floral skirt.
  • Invest in good-fitting camouflage pants because they are the new neutral and go with practically everything, plains and prints alike.
  • Show off that bright bag, shoe, statement necklace and wear them all together. Nowadays almost anything goes thanks to the uprising of casual paired with evening wear, a nod to model off-duty / fashion girl street style looks that the general public turn to and naturally, follow suit.

A breakdown of the top trends we can wear in our tropical shores is in order!

Denim is a constant S/S trend and this year, the focus is on dark wash in the form of dresses, skirts, shorts and jackets, sometimes worn together for that cool girl look, weather permitting. Styling long feminine dresses with casual footwear is still going strong, a signal we’re not ready to let go of comfort just yet. Or EVER. The bubble hem, a trend I wore back in 2005 is back but done the 2018 way inspired by athleisure, avant garde modernism and the ubiquitous florals. Pastel also makes a cameo with ruffles that just won’t die, albeit notable that it now occupies most of the garment. Not complaining, but I will need to lose some lbs. to avoid looking like my duvet to pull it off.

The new nautical is less literal and more fashion centric, evident in the cut and design of the garment yet still faithful to the classic palette of red, white and blue. Wear nature, literally, by way of exotic tropical prints in true to life colors. Make way for the new checkered with none of the schoolgirl feel; this time, fashion forward color ways in progressive cuts reign supreme. Lastly, clueless on how to wear the daring bralette? Score one that’s roomy enough to layer over a light top and play with classic prints and texture.

Get inspired by these images when you dress in the morning, especially on Mondays. It’ll bring that much needed sunshine, I promise! And I’ll be doing the same.

Have an awesome and loud (in more ways than one) 2018! Let’s do this!

All images from the World Wide Web.

Dark denim + the cold shoulder at Fendi. Bonus points when paired with athletic socks and pumps.

NYFW street style was chockfull of dresses styled with every shoe imaginable.

Modern romantic dresses paired with flat sandals, a rugged boot and suede booties that feels so now.

The return of the bubble hem, version 2018.

More ruffles coming your way and this time, covering head to toe.

Mixing prints with abandon are my kind of happiness!

Red, white and blue for the new millennium.

Nature prints by way of exotic plants, birds and creatures.

Checks, please! The beloved print reimagined in whimsical ways.

How to wear the bralette if you’re over 25: layer, layer, layer.




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