Roaming with Chuck: Spain

A little bit worse for wear but extremely broken in and more comfy than everrrrr. Really the best investment if you’re on the lookout for white sneaks.

When we finally got our visas and ironed out all the trip details (which was quite the challenge!), it was time to pack. Travelling to three countries for almost a month meant bringing the right amount of clothes that can be mixed and re-styled, was crucial. I had to practise the utmost restraint being the over packer that I am; thankfully I believe I did it right this time, especially in the shoe department. I only brought two pairs (huge pat on the back in order): black flat leather boots and these white Converse sneakers that I got for free (!!!) when I attended their event a few weeks before leaving.

I was racking my brain on how to feature it best. While I was doing a ton of walking and felt no pain or strain on my feet and knees AT ALL, I thought why not document all the times I wore it with different outfits? No photo shoot required, no location-hunting, no on-the-spot styling. Nothing could be more authentic! I was super lucky my sister Cricket is an awesome photographer, most of these are by her or my mom who, bless her, did the best she could. And she did! I enjoyed revisiting the places through this post and didn’t realize how much I would miss it. Especially the Gothic Quarter in Barcelona. Hope you enjoy my first (and possibly the last for a while, after France) #OOTD post!

Thank you Converse for taking care of me and making this trip a hundred times more comfortable! I hope you’re enjoying the rest in my closet.

Madrid styled with Fringys.


Caseres, again with another pair of Fringys











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