Shoes You Can Pair With Track Pants That Aren’t Sneakers

These yellow sling back pumps from Zara is a perfect match to my beloved Adidas track pants, while the Double Sloane wristlet by Katre serves as cherry on the cake. 

Photos by: Big Love Photos

Sweatpants are a sign of defeat. You lost control of your life so you bought some sweatpants”, said a certain Karl Lagerfeld about the universally accepted garment that has become a mainstay in most luxury brands’ collections thanks to a certain Virgil Abloh (of Off-White fame). It was actually cult brand Vetements that first brought the track pant into the high end realm with trendy reiterations that made fashion folks quickly jump on the bandwagon and style them in all sorts of crazy. The kind of crazy that worked

The athleisure trend exploded in 2013/14 and has proven its staying power in fashion-forward cities like Tokyo and NYC. You can’t seem to open a street style album without seeing the ubiquitous pant worn either high or low: full on sporty or all glammed up. Can’t blame those who succumbed, it’s hella comfy and airy enough for tropical weather like ours. It’s so much fun to style and gives off a cool-girl, effortless vibe that’s actually extremely easy to achieve. Really, all it requires is a bit of imagination and inspiration from fashion folks coupled with your own signature look and you’re set! 

When I recently interviewed Big Boy Cheng at home, we were in matching three stripes pants, and when I went out to Poblacion last December, I paired it with a one-piece maillot and felt a lot like JLo, albeit a lot less va-va-voom. I don’t care what Karl says, I love my track pants (with matching  jacket) and my only concern is I might wear them to death and haven’t gotten a spare pair. Believe it or not, these are hard to come by so if you’re contemplating getting a pair, snag them ASAP! 

Track pants out in the wild during Fashion Week.

My YSL wedding shoes getting so much mileage three years later. Paired with Paul Smith socks I got on sale a few seasons back. 

Song of Style looking California cool.

My trusty Zara block-heeled sandals that have seen a couple monumental events paired with the Urbanista 2.0 in silver foil, an oldie but goodie from Katre. 

Vetements x Champion joggers. 

Vintage Louboutain’s I absolutely adore, a hand-me-down from my Tita Vicky, styled with the Bum Bag in Chili, also from Katre. 

Minimalist styling. Photo by Style Dumonde

Fasyon biker babe. Photo by Style Dumonde. 

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