Taylor Tomasi Hill

Hot mess. Unruly hair at its finest is a TM of fashion girls everywhere, much to my mother’s chagrin.

The flame-haired former Teen Vogue editor-turned-shop-owner of Forty Five Ten concept shop in Dallas, Taylor Tomasi Hill, is hard to miss in a sea of fashionistas. Apart from her striking mane, alabaster skin and long legs, her unique (to say the least) fashion sense is one of the most well-executed in the industry, IMHO. The woman is an innovator in layering, mixing prints and texture, color blocking/clashing—all the things anyone, including me, would find challenging to replicate. Maybe it’s the Texan in her, where their mantra is more is more in just about everything they eat, do and wear. And unlike the typical fashion person, Taylor isn’t afraid to repeat pieces and accessories, making her all the more relatable and well, normal. Whatever her secret is, it works wonderfully for her.

I’ve gathered what I think are her best looks, including some early images where she used to dress more simply, albeit stylish nonetheless, more like you and me. Enjoy these images and dare to copy a look or two! Oh and that hairbrush? Throw it out the window because chic girls never comb their hair.

All photos from the world wide web. 

Can never go wrong with stripes and distressed denim. Way ahead of the Birks craze too.

Pastel perfect with her red hair as accent.

Shades of blue with the coolest details.

Floral print eyewear and a bright belt are all she needs to add quirk to this look.

Unexpected pairings of purple and red make this basic look special.

A pretty face doesn’t need more than a statement lip.

The metal choker and animal print bag elevates this classic look.

There’s a shoe party going on care of these funky mules.

Yup, that’s a shirt worn as skirt!

Military fatigues get the high fashion treatment.

Clever mix of textures + a statement bag.

To be daring without baring skin is such a skill!

Lumberjack chic.

Expertly piling on bangles and mixing textures.

Nothing ordinary about this anorak, especially when paired with Chanel.

Metal neckpieces barely peeking out. Subtlety at its finest.

Leather x floral. Naughty and nice.

Preppy/Boho/Classic salad.

White is best worn in varying textures.

A preppy vest tempers an avant garde skirt.

Crazy about that tulle detail!

Print on print master.

Commanding attention and rightfully so.




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