The Couple Who Dress Well Together Means Forever

Valentine’s Day is just a week away and I bet many of you are already planning the perfect night out accompanied by what else: the perfect outfit. And I’m not just talking ’bout the ladies; men nowadays put as much effort getting all primped up for D-Day (or should I say, V-Day) as much as their significant other. While the rest of the city has to deal with tremendous traffic and fully-booked restos the same day every year, my hubs and I prefer a quiet night at home cooking a good, albeit simple, meal. In our jammies. But in honor of the thousands who cherish this special day, here are some celebrity couples who nail their date outfits every single time, V-Day or not. Don’t hate them ‘cos they’re perfect, instead emulate and get inspired!

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The secret formula of these dashing couples that you can easily replicate:

  1. Color coordinate. Doesn’t have to be the same shade head-to-toe; stay in the same color family and total look.
  2. Keep the same theme going. When one is casual, the other shouldn’t be dressed to the nines.
  3. When in doubt, wear denim.
  4. Don’t be overly trendy; classic always looks better and more put-together.
  5. You are each other’s best accessory so work that lovely in-love glow to the max.





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