The New Bohemian

Blumarine's take on the Boho trend is more minimalist than hippie.

Blumarine’s take on the Boho trend lean more towards minimalist than hippie.

I was born in the mid-70s which technically makes me a child of the 90s, the time when I actually became aware of life in general. My actual introduction to everything 1970s were from old photos of my parents in that familiar sepia shade, my own baby and toddler pics in my lola’s house and in more than one occasion, on top of a horse in Baguio. When I got a little older, I began to understand the music and fashion references but didn’t really think much of it. I was more obsessed with the 80s–Madonna 80s to be exact–and tried to copy her every look and move. It was when I took a short course in F.I.T. in 1999 and we discussed era dressing that I really got immersed in the fashion of the different decades.

It was further enhanced when I joined publishing and actually met a couple of people whose personal style had hints of the groovy 70s, saw the first Austin Powers movie which was 70s everything and witnessed the first time flared jeans made a comeback since the last days of disco. My peers and I embraced the universally flattering flares the same way millennials devoured skinny jeans today. I felt like I was 5’7 in them (with the help of my wedge sandals) and walked with a cool swagger I imagine David Bowie did in his hay day.

Fast-forward to 2015 and the infamous flared jeans are back with a vengeance along with a new breed of Bohemian looks that are more demure than disco. The influx of flowy maxi skirts and dresses, elaborately embroidered tops and jackets, delicate gold and turquoise jewelry and fringe accessories have a distinct 21st century feel to it with the choice of cut, color, print and styling. The 70s are present and prevalent in the total look and feel but this time, it’s given a hipster twist as if to slowly but surely lure a new breed of followers in a way they’re accustomed to. I love how it has evolved the second time around after the early 2000s. It’s less literal, not at all costumey, a lot more hip and modern. I’m excited to incorporate bits and pieces of it to my normcore-filled wardrobe (yup, teen of the 90s). And I’m working hard to fit into my old pair of boot cut jeans again. Here are my favorite looks that are sure to reign supreme come fall.

All photos from the World Wide Web.


Brocade, appliques and even a minimalist tunic dress comprise the new Boho.



Tan and white

Tan suede dresses mixed with ethereal white with the ubiquitous fringe details are also very new Bohemian.



Busy darker prints are a stark contrast but still current. Still Boho 2015.



The lovely print and flowy fabric makes this white frock anything but basic.



Pretty cut-out details makes this dress the one to go back to come summertime.


Ever the WASP, Gwyneth adds her own preppy twist to this lovely summer gown.

Ever the WASP, Gwyneth adds her own preppy twist to this lovely summer gown.



A festival goer sports the very current matching shorts set.



Bohemian references in the dress, velvet jacket and tote make it work for everyday dressing.



This lady’s interpretation is urbanized with the structured leather bag and hat.



Stones set in various metals, colors, lengths and styles replace the old school accessories.



The peasant top mixed with sequined shorts gives the trend a modern edge.



Sheer fabric, intricate embroidery and of course, the off shoulder design makes this piece breathtaking.



More elaborate embroidery this time in rich fall colors.



Perhaps the most modern rendition of them all comes from Valentino by way of this striking jacket against cropped semi-flared jeans.





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