Tin, a.k.a Suzy899 (her DJ and hosting name) can give us all a lesson or two on confidence. This vivacious, spirited heartthrob—yes, you read it right, has been gracing the radio waves with her big personality and booming voice since her college days as a junior jock for Magic89.9 and courtside commentator for the PBA. She is also my sister’s best friend and our host at our wedding last year whose jokes and tearful laughter stole the hearts of everyone present. My cousin Enzo even told me recently, “I still remember all her jokes that day.”

The moment I met Tin I knew she was something special. Her extroverted demeanor didn’t come off as too much or annoying, as it sometimes can be for the opposite like myself. Instead, I couldn’t stop laughing since day one of knowing her and saw her bloom from a t-shirt and jeans sporting chick to the bondage dress lover she is now. Tin’s dedication to her fitness routine puts mine to shame: she works out almost everyday with a coach, joins marathons (both running and shopping) and also dabbles in team sports. Ask her anything about basketball trivia and she knows them all! It’s almost as if she was a dude in her past life packaged in a voluptuous, sexy and confident #girlboss. “I live in dresses but I still love my sneakers. I always go back to where I’m most comfortable wearing—my t-shirt with skinny jeans and leggings.” All throughout the shoot one overcast Sunday afternoon, she put on hip hop tunes from her Spotify playlist and shamelessly danced along. She got especially excited when a Kanye tune came up that I had to tell her to slow down to get a better, non-blurry shot. She loves music, 90s music to be exact, and has legions of fans and followers that her phone literally doesn’t stop buzzing.

The allure of Tin isn’t because she’s a skinny size 2. It’s the fact that she’s a proud curvy girl who marches to the beat of her own drum with nary a care on what people say. “I equate feeling good to looking good – not vice versa. I think if a person feels good inside, that will completely translate outwardly. I lost 70 pounds, and that made me feel good physically, mentally. And I think it was my change in mindset more than my weight loss that made me look better afterwards.” This is the kind of woman we all should aspire to be. I know I will…and she’ll be happy to know that I, the ultimate alternative chick, has since become a Kanye West convert.

Catch her at 12nn-3pm Monday to Thursday for The Meal and 6-10pm on Mondays for Boys Night Out on Magic 89.9 and on The Goat at Fox Sports Ch 31 on Sky Cable every Thursday 930 pm starting October for their new season!

What she does Radio personality, DJ, TV Host

Personal style It’s almost like I have two personalities sometimes. On any given day, I can show up to work in a girly dress or a hoodie, shorts, sneakers, and a cap. My friends call my style very street, and maybe that’s because of my penchant for incorporating the hip hop culture into a lot of my outfits. And because my personality can be quite androgynous, that comes out in my style too.

Her days be like I work a lot. But because I’m in love with my job, it never feels like I’m working. I do 5 radio shows a week, I host and attend a lot of events, and when our show is in season, we have tapings once a week. I need at least an entire day to prep – a lot of research goes into every episode. I play a lot too – my friends and I all have pretty hectic schedules, but we make sure we spend at least a couple of nights a week unwinding. A lot of my friends work in the club scene, so I frequent their gigs. Also, I’m a hip hop head so if there’s a hip hop night somewhere around town, I’ll probably be there. I’m also a big basketball fan so I move my schedule around to accommodate games. When it’s the NBA season, I move my workouts to the afternoon. I skip work to watch the UAAP.

Favorite designers and shopping haunts Zara, H&M, River Island, Bershka, Stradivarius, Top Shop, NBA Store, Nike. Bags would be my biggest vice, more than shoes. Balenciaga, Prada, Givenchy, LV.

Top 5 closet staples My go-tos, as cliche as it may sound, are all little black dresses! I wish I could give a more exciting answer. I also have a strange love for sweaters. They occupy a huge amount of space in my closet. I love how you can instantly look more dressed up if you choose to wear that in lieu of a shirt.

Celebrity crush Kati Nolan. She is my spirit animal. She hosts a sports/comedy show on Fox Sports 2 in the US called Garbage Time. She’s super outspoken, completely fearless, and SO INCREDIBLY FUNNY. I want to be her just so I could peek into her brain, as creepy as that sounds.

Reading material Slam Philippines. Cosmopolitan. That’s about it.

Online surfing Nba.com, Bleacherreport.com. I used to love this website called Grantland.com until it died.

Style evolution I think I wear more or less the same thing as when I wasn’t on TV. Just a little more polished. My outfits on The Goat are what I would wear to a hosting or a night out.

Current uniform No brainer outfits that can be your go-to on lazy days! Mine would be an LBD + either a cardi or a sporty jacket.



Rocking the off-shoulder trend in this demure, albeit fitted, LBD from Miss Selfridge—her constant go-to outfit.



Showing off her sporty side in a grey knit dress from Topshop and Nike sneakers.




Trying out the dress over pant look. Lace dress, H&M; jeans, Mango.


One of her many shirt dresses! This one’s from Zara.



Sporty chic in a printed H&M mini dress and Nike’s.


Going back to her grassroots, basketball and tees!

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