To be safe or a renegade in fashion? ‘Tis the question for the holiday season.

Pauline Juan in a stunning Maureen Disini that I cannot stop staring at. It’s like a fashion-pumped version of Alice’s dress while in Wonderland in my eyes.

It’s a constant battle nowadays whenever I do my periodic home fashion montage when I need a pre-meditated outfit/s for a special event/s like holiday parties, work or simply a means to de-stress and express creativity. Do I go all-out polarizing color and print and volume that seems more becoming for 20-something year old me or go the more “acceptable” route, all-black with a punch of color via shoes and accessories? The exact dilemma I encountered this morning as I was planning my outfit for our annual posse christmas dinner. I tried two options: a red and pink number paired with sparkly Carrie Bradshaw-esque mules I recently acquired, upon prodding from my enabler sister, that I absolutely adore. Super maarte shoes, we dubbed it. OR an all-black coordinated top and bottom that was slimming, more age-approp paired with same mules and statement earrings? The fashionista in me whispered “go with color, it’s Christmas!” while the more tame Tita me said to go the safe (boring) route because I look thinner, more streamlined and polished. To be honest, I’m drawn to the risqué first outfit even though I could already hear my friend Robbie commenting how I embraced color so much this year. Might as well end on the same note, right?

So why do most Pinays choose to be “safe” in their sartorial choices? What brought about this common way of dressing that are carbon copies of each other? Often times, it’s the same cowl neck top paired with black skinny pants or jeans. Or a button down polo with the aforementioned pants, classic black pumps/flats and designer bag. Or the relentless wrap around ruffled skirt and girly top pairing that’s coming out of my ears. Where does the commonality stop and when do we embrace individuality? Isn’t the new year a great reason to change things up a bit?

I most certainly think so!!

I’m extremely lucky to know women who aren’t the cookie-cutter type when it comes to dressing up, may it be for work, play, entertaining or simply doing errands. I enjoy looking at them and more often than not, gravitate towards them because there’s nothing more appealing than a person who isn’t afraid to wear red head to toe, especially in a society where following the flock is norm (and usually all-black). I stalked some feeds of friends whose style I admire both near and from afar to show you how much, much more refreshing and fun it is to wear print and color (and a little bit of monochrome) than an LBD or cowl neck top with skinny jeans to all your holiday shindigs. Consider this my Christmas present. Slay those parties, ladies, and ignore that judge-y friend telling you otherwise.

Mikka Padua in a millennial pink jumpsuit from Seek The Uniq which I incidentally have in sand. The perfect mix of sexy and sweet (which I think, all women should be or wear).

Rissa Trillo in head to toe Michael Kors for a shoot. I’m in love with the styling and how she pulls it off so naturally. Print pa more and more.

THIS is how to wear a feminine dress your own androgynous way: front to back, unzipped and layered over a white button down and the skinniest black slacks. Mind blowing Jo Ann Bitagcol via Liza Ilarde’s IG.

Tracie Dizon in one of her confections, just another piece from her extremely diverse and lust-worthy wardrobe. Print on print perfection! And so very doable, too.

I’d pick Liza Ilarde’s outfit over an LBD any day. The skirt is LIFE and her attitude trumps above all.

How to do a strong top with denim and color by Daryl Chang. There are so much more options out there than a cowl neck top. Reach/run for them!

Leona Panutat knows the mixing textures and trends formula like the back of her hand, exhibit A. So cool and effortless it hurts.

Donna Pita in an outfit that is so cheerful, so RIGHT high up there in the fashion richter scale. Wish I saw this more in the ladies during my morning commute.

Rissa Trillo in a grown up, sophisticated version of the iconic Kitty’s dress by Rhett Eala. If this isn’t a Christmas outfit, nothing is.

Pauline in a pepto pink mini that’ll fit right in at Poblacion night.

Daryl in athleisure greys I would wear clubbing if I still went clubbing.

Donna in a cutout picnic gingham dress and bright sandals is literally sunshine on a cloudy day. Wear this on one of your out of town sojourns this week.

I really enjoy how Ria Prieto does contrast especially in leopard print! T-shirt with pumps FTW and something I would definitely venture into.

Another gem of an outfit from Rissa. Classic with a quiet, unexpected turn. Who doesn’t love tulle? Not moi!

How to wear white without looking snoozy by Tracie. The eyelet details!

How a woman in her 40’s can look this amazing is, well, pretty amazing. Donna rocks a crimson frock that is age appropriate with zero Tita factor. Yaaaas!





















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