Various hats from her travels in Japan, Brazil, Africa, Ecuador & Bali.

If world music had a muse, Tracie would be it. The mom of two, painter and entrepreneur is a woman of the world often traipsing the continents with her husband to road test the services of their luxury travel business A2ASafaris. Her recent sojourn took her to Cuba and Brazil, producing awe-inspiring photos while wearing chic ensembles, making you want to pack your bags and leave everything behind. That was certainly the effect on me! Listening to her stories while eating sizzling kansi in Sarsa Kitchen at the Fort—also her brainchild with her brother Chef JP Anglo—was a treat and transported me there; suffice to say I lived vicariously through her travel albums. I was looking forward to the loot she brought to the shoot after semi-stalking her outfit photos. It was a delightful mix of local designers, high street and TDF labels that I had the pleasure of seeing live for the first time (Sacai, Self-Portrait!). Her daughter Oraia came along to watch mom in action and gamely posed for me in her little Mexican tunic. It was love! And definitely following her mom’s footsteps. She is a lucky girl; Tracie’s collection is absolutely amazing!

Being a creative herself (she used to be Preview’s Creative Director in the mid-2000s), Tracie couldn’t help but critique every shot and give her two cents’ to the point that I started teasing her about putting on her CD hat. We ended up in fits of laughter with some censored shots and cheered when we came up with good ones. It definitely made my job easier and more fun. Here’s glimpse into her colorful world.

What she does Entrepreneur, Designer/Painter

Personal style Eclectic

Her days be like During the week, I focus on work – Sarsa, A2A Safaris, and doing design work/ bespoke handpainting for private clients. We’re also trying to finish our house  so I’m very busy with that. 

Favorite designers and shopping haunts These days, I seem to shop whenever I travel, and am really good (meaning I don’t shop) when I’m home. I also shop online and love supporting local designers.

I’m loving Carl Jan Cruz, Sacai, clothes from local communities with a textile tradition (whether in the Philippines or abroad), High street brands like H&M/Zara/COS, Être Cécile, Celine. I love unknown brands – the more unknown the better.

Top 5 closet staples

Être Cécile t-shirts, silk shirts which I buy by the dozen, track pants, decorative tops or dresses for evening, a riot of prints to break everything up

Celebrity crush Yasmin Sewell, Sofia Coppola, Amanda Harlech – these women all have great, effortless, and intelligent style.  I just came from Mexico and I think Frida Kahlo has amazing style. She wasn’t perfect but she had an artist’s eye for mixing and matching.
Style evolution Having your own business, there is no dress code. There’s no pressure to look good, except for interviews or events. So it’s a lot more relaxed – I used to wear heels all the time! These days you’ll find me in sneakers or flats. I’m really into comfortable shoes, now that I’m older and wiser!

Current uniform My uniform would either be silk shirts paired with track pants and sneakers, graphic t-shirts with black bottoms, or a mismatch of prints whenever I’m in the mood.  I like to glam it up at night. And of course I always paint in either caftans or in my pyjamas (when inspiration strikes at 3am)!



Channeling Frida in a hand embroidered top from Oaxaca, Mexico; skirt, Comme des Garçons; sandals Prada; earrings, Céline.


Antique elephant pendant from Bali.


Her daughter Oraia does a cameo and poses like a pro!


Different Sarsas (that’s Ilonggo for sauce and the resto’s namesake) greet you when you enter.


Être Cécile t-shirt and skirt; sneakers, Adidas Stan Smith.


Colorful knit bags from Marrakech.


Dress, Sacai; platforms, Prada.


Sarsa’s happy and colorful interiors made the perfect backdrop!



Miss Oraia already following in her mom’s fashionable footsteps!


Admiring mom’s Sacai dress. She would comment “you’re beautiful, mom!” in every outfit. Awww!


Clutches from Monocole, Marni and Gucci.


Silk blouse, Zara; pants, Carl Jan Cruz; sandals, Fendi.




Fish necklace from Brazil (Amsterdam Sauer x Bianca Brandolini collaboration), Céline earrings and necklace, antique ivory earrings from Africa.


Dress, Carl Jan Cruz.




A meal here isn’t complete without these key sauces.


Dress, Self-Portrait; sneakers, Adidas.



Black and white belts, Alaia; black Sandals, Robert Clergerie.



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