Nothing like an all girls weekend to kick off the beginning of summer! Was lucky to be invited by Viajecito to Leku Eder, one of the beautiful homes in Tali beach (it was my first time there, ever) and got to bond with such awesome women. I’ve spotted the popular rubber tote before, but never got to see it in person until that weekend and I felt instantly in love with the simple design, functionality and choices of colors from the actual bag, rope handle and lining! We were asked to design our own and it was tough choosing the combo that’ll fit my lifestyle—I eventually ended up with the Fog which is their bestseller, and matched it with a red handle and pink stripe lining.

It wasn’t all work (if you call posing for pics and videos work) because soon as we arrived we were welcomed with yummy aperol spritz and snacks while we waited for our Mexican lunch. After siesta, we went on a treasure hunt (candies and cute earrings to be had), did the bag design activity, happy hour promptly followed then Spanish food for dinner. The next day took us to the beaches surrounding the area where we shot more photos & videos, drank, laughed and ate to our heart’s content and headed back to the house for a boodle fight! To say we were stuffed and had a blast was an understatement—it was the welcome brake I craved and a sort of post-birthday celebration with the best company. Snippets of that fun weekend ahead! Have a great summer!

The girls and I with our swag! Resident pup Pepe joined us for the pic. ADORABLE.

The box contents: a free class pass from Plana Forma and a water bottle, goodies from Take Root, tanning essentials from Sun Bum and Viajecito’s latest product, the super cute and convenient splash kit!

Sipping and snacking upon arrival. Those aperol spritz were one of the best I’ve tried, thanks Mika and Kat for concocting!

I’ve used my splash kit in the city, too, containing just the essentials: phone, keys, lip gloss and tissue! Super chic and versatile, I tell you.

Our happy hour spread with food and drinks from Molinera, Don Simon and J. Garcia Carrion. Needless to say this was WIPED OUT well before dinner came.

PS. Do you know you can use the tote as an ice bucket?? Just take out the lining, fill up with ice and bottles of your choice and viola—drinks on the go! CANNOT WAIT TO TRY THIS HACK!

Day 2: ready with our beach outfits and our Viajecitos, of course!

These goodies kept us hydrated, full and sunburn-free while island hopping!

Mika who takes care of Marketing (left) and her friend Kat were some of the new friends I made. They’re about ten years younger in age but our connection went way beyond the numbers. LOVE THEM!

The boodle fight spread that greeted us after island hopping. Writing this made me hungry, I mean…

Final group pic with the girls! Thank you, Viajecito and Marcie (front right) for the most memorable weekend!

Order your Viajecito tote and Splash Kit at


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