What It Means to be Fashionable

Is one really considered fashionable if they can only pull off one style? 

My thoughts one rainy morning when I couldn’t be bothered to go up to the gym and instead, decided to do a mini fashion montage with the clothes in my now slimmed-down wardrobe. With summer long gone—along with ruffles, off-the-shoulder and embroidery with it (in my rotation, at least)—I’ve been craving for a refresh via tonal looks and a bit of coords that I still need to stock up on. I was feeling extra inspired and came up with a couple of looks I can wear for future events, night outs or trips to the grocery because this Tita no longer does the clubbing/bar hopping circuit and needs to have a creative fashion outlet from time to time, no?

Then I thought of one of my fashion heroes, Leandra Medine of Man Repeller, who can wear a garbage bag, be barefoot and still look cool. Her style is not at all along the lines of mine, yet I applaud her inventive approach to pairing prints, silhouettes and fabrics that no one would dare think of attempting otherwise. If you’ve ever chanced upon her blog, you’ll find it highly entertaining, smart, informative with a dash of sarcastic honesty that only she has mastered. I’m late in the game but I’m glad I took the time to get to know it beyond her IG posts and monthly phone wallpapers that I eagerly wait for. It’s like her brain is a mash-up of ice cream and ketchup, weird and interesting at the same time, like when you imagine how strawberry ice cream would look good with tomato ketchup in an outfit, color wise. Yup, tonal.

I scoured through the web to find #ootds of Leandra that I can relate to, wear even, and found these. Call me crazy but this sort of activity relaxes me so I hope you enjoy it just as much. Even get inspired to try some yourself!

So going back to my question, the answer is yes. Finding your own personal style, no matter how redundant it may look to others, is fashionable. Maybe not in Leandra levels (because she is far and few in between) but it’s YOU. Perhaps my parting comment on this debate is, once you’ve felt that you’ve reached saturation point in wearing ruffles, it’s time to evolve into something new, fresh and current.

For me, it’s going monochromatic, until I find the urge to wear my off-shoulder tops once again, maybe layered over a button down shirt this time.

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