Want/need/crave a change in your wardrobe or just plain bored with what you have? Shoot me an email and let’s see what we can cook up! I work with you, your budget, your goal, all while having a blast. 

It all starts with a home visit. During a short, getting-to-know-you interview, we talk about your lifestyle, daily schedule, needs vs wants in the fashion department and any concerns and questions you might have.

Next, I peruse your closet while you explain what you love and hate, your favorite items, what you can’t live without and what you’re ready to let go of.

I give my two-cent’s worth. Give tips on what can go with what, what you should keep, use now or give away to make someone else happy! It’s a thorough cleansing process that eventually makes room for the NEW you.

We schedule a shopping trip/s as and when needed, beginning your journey to the transformation.

It all ends with a photo shoot that we showcase here on the blog!


I’ve started giving workshops on Finding Your Personal Style, Closet Cleansing and Corporate Dressing. Would love for you to join and learn while connecting with like-minded individuals and win awesome prizes. Follow my Instagram @stylistofsorts and Facebook pages for announcements! 


I offer Content Management services to brands who need to beef up their social media channels, require styling for campaigns and blog content, among other creative services.


For fashion emergencies, collaborations, shoots, sponsorships drop me a note at stylistofsorts@gmail.com