42 going on 14, A Style Story


Ana and her Nikes.

My best friend Ana came over last week wearing these really loud pink and black Nike Air Max sneakers she recently bought in Japan. It immediately caught my attention because 1. She hardly shops, so of course I noticed the new purchase and 2. I found it super cool and wanted one for myself immediately. I’m trying to follow a no shopping rule until the end of the year so I forced myself not to think about them, but it was amusing that we have now accumulated a decent number of sneakers since hitting our 40s (although technically, Ana is only 38. Same difference). We laughed at the realisation and it got me thinking about how I choose to dress nowadays, whether it’s for an event, the grocery or a photo shoot, there is a common denominator: footwear is either flat Teva sandals or one of my sneakers on rotation. Right now, it’s my cream pair from Danish brand Arkk that I got as a PR gift.

The last time I wore sneakers day in and day out was back in my pre-teen and high school days. Summers were always spent outdoors playing in the streets in a preppy/sporty ensemble: a pique polo shirt, tailored shorts, colored long socks rolled down (usually the same color of the shirt) and comfy sneakers from Tretorn, Reebok or K-Swiss. My neighbours and I spent those hot sunny days dressed this way while biking, playing patintero, chinese garter or jackstones indoors. In hindsight, we were pretty dressed just to sweat it out in the streets; I guess back then, I already cared about fashion enough to be sort of overdressed for a summer day spent playing!

Fast forward to 2018, here I am at 42 years strong and going back to my sneakers-and-tee roots for, well, almost everything lately. Be it a full day of shooting, running errands, eating out, visiting my folks down south or even a rare evening out, sneakers are now my go-to, paired with a monochromatic look, a streamlined dress, or shorts and oversized polo shirt combo. Today, when I went to the dentist, I quickly got dressed in my default striped tee, jogger shorts and the aforementioned Arkk sneakers like it was the most natural thing in the world. I suppose this is my new normal….and you know what? I am so okay with it! High heels have become a thing of the past, comfort over fashion has prevailed and I am 14 years old again, albeit not spending my days playing in the streets; once in a while, on very special occasions, I might just whip out one of my heeled pairs just to remind me of the woman and fashion editor I once was. It feels damn good to be secure enough to accept this reality while embracing growing older without forgetting to have fun with fashion. Now, where can I get long colored scrunchie socks??




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