Chal Lontoc del Rosario was born to be on stage. The hardworking mom of two very handsome boys is an entrepreneur running basically two businesses (the other a passion), apart from her household. She is the owner of Jeron Travel and an event host, both endeavors fulfilling her two great loves: travel and talking. She is an extrovert through and through, but not the type who takes over a conversation and talks nonstop; Chal is also a thoughtful listener, always curious and asking questions while generously sharing what she knows about absolutely everything. As a host, she is extremely entertaining (without being annoying), mixing just the right amount of funny and wit, instantly putting the audience at ease with her relaxed demeanor and quick comebacks. As a boss, she is inventive, even assigning color coded fashion days, to make the office environment fun. As a mom, she isn’t overbearing and allows her (super sociable) sons to explore as much of the world as they can and often takes them to exotic places and let them learn through experience.

Chal describes her style as bipolar—a first for SOS—and rightfully so! She rocks summer coordinates as well as an out-of-the-box office look like a pro and quickly switches personality with a conservative-slash-sexy date night look in a blink of an eye; then she shifts gears again and looks like a high school girl in her GNO look of a denim mini and flowy top. This girl is unafraid to express herself through her talents, both on stage and the sartorial front, that the audience just can’t help but be drawn. More on this super woman below! 

What she does Travel Entrepreneur, Event Host

Personal style Bipolar

Her days be like I go to the office 3-5 times a week. I hold a lot of meetings outside. I have a few hostings in a month where I need to dress up. I occasionally perform with SPITmanila (improve theater) where I get to be dressed more relaxed. Weekends are sacred as much as possible; that’s when I get to cook, be with my kids fully, and just use the time to create and catch up with errands.

Favorite designers and shopping haunts My mom’s closet LOL! I’m a middle child so I’m used to hand me downs. That’s actually how I get to be more creative. My mom was a model and really left a lot of good vintage stuff before passing away. I just get them altered and play with them. I rarely shop, I find it a chore to do so. When I do, it’s one time, big time to get things done! I get key pieces when I travel and my current favorite is my collection of African printed skirts and local Philippine weave garments. I love Stella McCartney x Adidas and get them when I can. There’s so much talent now and I’m at least updated with the local scene. But when I like something, it has little to do with the brand or designer but rather the design and story behind it.

Top five closet staples 

Mom’s metallic jacket from the ’70s, my African skirt from Senegal, Mom’s Parisian printed vintage dress, basic white Ralph Lauren polo, Piopio printed silk robe. But really, it’s so hard to pick! In the first place, they wouldn’t be in my closet if they were so-so in my book. I really clean out my closet regularly and only leave things that I love.

Celebrity crush Gwen Stefani! She’s still got her spunk.

Online surfing Anything related to work

Reading material I just bought a magazine about how to live sustainably from New Zealand, family travels and other enriching stuff. I used to really love fashion magazines but printed copies are scarce, so I gravitate towards foreign business and lifestyle magazines now.   

Current uniform I believe in dressing for YOU. Occasions and purpose for dressing up is what dictates my outfit more than running to a “uniform”. I’m more aware now of practicing a sustainable lifestyle, so my pieces can be stretched and re-used for a very long time.

On appearance and why it matters It’s part of my job to look presentable and good as a host. But aside from that, it’s more of “feeling good” when I step out that door that matters to me most.

Jacket, Details; Top and shorts, Piopio. 

Family photos from their travels and a framed article about Jeron. 

Black blazer, Mango; white lingerie top and pants both mom’s vintage stuff. 

Hamming it up with Sully, the family’s resident pooch. 

Jacket, her own design; yellow top, Uniqlo; red pants from Taiwan. 

Chal x Katre shot and edited by yours truly. She pairs the bags with her fun #ootds! This girl is a natural on cam. 

Denim skirt, TRN; beige top, Forever21; bum bag, Katre. 

Wearing all Stella McCartney x Adidas. 

Jeron company shirt; vintage pants from Taiwan; Stella McCartney snow boots. 

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