Man Repelling

Dressing to the beat of my own drum has always been my fashion mantra. Sure, I sometimes have doubts when I step out the door in a more “adventurous” outfit than my usual, but I reason that life is too short not to have fun with clothes and you can always start over the next day in an outfit you feel more like yourself in. I’m also a behind-the-scenes girl through and through so posing for this particular entry wasn’t the most comfortable experience but it sure was a lot of fun! When my friend Monica of Big Love Photos and I decided to shoot one hot afternoon at her husband’s new restaurant, we didn’t really have a concept except to show the place and the food. The night before, as I was styling looks for the shoot, I thought of doing Man Repeller-inspired OOTDs as the perfect foil for the gritty, casual interiors. I went a little nuts with print, texture and color as you can see and even wore layers and a sweater to further prove my point that dressing for yourself is there only reason there is. So thank you Man Repeller and their fearless team for celebrating individuality no matter what garments you have on your back. You continue to inspire me!

Photos by Monica Savellano of Big Love Photos.

Shot at Snak Haus and Homer’s Bar and Restaurant, 54 Sgt. Esguerra ave. Diliman, Quezon City

Jacket by the uber talented Jor-El Espina

Make sure to try Snak Haus’ excellent laksa! So good and affordable too.

Their BBQ is for the win, too!




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