Never Too Old for The Socks + Sandals Trend

Tip: stay within a color scheme to keep the look cohesive. And don’t be afraid to layer!

Grown-ups wearing socks with sandals isn’t really a new thing, but if you follow the current footwear accessory trend of late, you’ll notice varying iterations of this look from the runway straight to the streets. Personally, I find it super fun and a great way to add an unexpected punch to any outfit! Take cues from my fashion friends Liza and Pierra (both non-millennials) who’ve been rocking this look way before it was deemed cool. I love that Liza says it’s the best way to hide a long over due pedicure change—so true. In my case, I just recently scored a pair of sparkly socks from H&M that I’ll be styling my way ASAP. Watch out for that on my IG, if you want more inspo. In the meantime, feast your eyes on these looks, from sporty to girly to vintage, socks + sandals could be here to stay whether you’re six, sixteen or sixty-two!

All photos, except my friends’ are from the world wide web. 

The way Liza mixed prints with the colors from her outfit and bag is pure genius! A proof that this fun styling hack knows no boundaries or age limit.

Tip: wear shades of grey for a more neutral look, especially if your outfit it already full of color.

My friend Pierra LOVES this hack and has several versions of the look. Here, she matches her socks with her top, creating a sense of continuity to the eye.

One of my fashion heroes, Eva Chen, also matches her socks with her varsity jacket, creating a clean, purposeful look that is more preppy than trendy.

More examples of working with a color scheme.

Punk and vintage girls do the trend right.

Going matchy-matchy works like a charm.




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