Photo by Big Love Photos 


I’m Anne Bella, a personal stylist based in Manila, Philippines. In my past life I was a fashion editor, retail consultant and lifestyle columnist — all fashion-centric jobs that I love. I’ve added entrepreneur to my repertoire and most recently, blogger.

I’ve always lived by this mantra: a well-dressed person is a happy person. I wanted to share my insights and experience with women and men everywhere searching for their fashion identity, leading to the birth of Stylist of Sorts — a collection of photographs featuring real people with real fashion concerns.

In SOS, I feature make-overs, make-unders, reinventions and aspirational fashion features, even beauty tips on the side. Each feature tells a story of a person’s journey to sartorial change chronicled in beautiful photographs debuting their new, fashionable selves. I go through a process with each and every client, from editing their closets, shopping trips, conversing about everything from what clothes to wear to work and play, to body issues and beyond. It all culminates in a photo shoot featuring the new and improved look, because who doesn’t want to do a little showing off after all that hard work?

The end result is always more or less the same: a lot of smiles, a lot of lightbulb moments, oozing confidence and a fresh, happier overall outlook. Funny how a piece of garment can do so much for a person. I’m just happy to help. In the end, it’s all about paying it forward.

Let’s play dress up!