SOS x Sketchpad Workshops Style + Shop: Closet Cleansing Edition

My partners Dreus and Love Cosio of Sketchpad Workshops.

Exactly a week and a day ago, typhoon Ompong was raging on Manila at the early hours of Saturday morning. I woke up to some drizzling and went ahead to B Hotel in Quezon City (coming from Makati) for that afternoon’s workshop. My first one with an official events partner, Sketchpad Workshops. Met Love Cosio, one half of SW and wife to Dreus, also her business partner / co-host rather serendipitously when she sent me an email a year and  a half ago about wanting to explore collaborating on fashion workshops. It piqued my interest for sure, but life got in the way and we only met again about two months ago after my schedule freed up  and I was eager to start work on the event. After two meetings which included an ocular at our venue sponsor B Hotel, the ball got rolling and before we knew it, September 15 came—gusty winds,  thunderstorms and all.

Good thing we didn’t postpone because rain or shine, the ladies wanted to learn and have fun! They were game for the activity, eager to share who they were and what they did & happily interacted with one another. I couldn’t have asked for a better crowd!

Having an events partner definitely makes it easier for me and tons more fun to prepare! You see the project develop from planning to completion in a steady, easy pace working with very relaxed individuals who have incredible faith in Him. They are infectious, Love and Dreus; their goodness and positive vibe is palpable, making you wish there should be more people like them in this world.

I’ve gotten better at this public speaking thing, if I may say so myself and I’m so grateful to God I met such good people whom I am blessed to be growing my business with. “Let’s not just be millionaires, let’s be millionaire – makers”, was a quote Love sent me, making it clear why we’re doing this in the first place. Connecting people while talking about what we love and making them feel “busog” with information (and food!) is possibly one of the best things I’ve ever done and I’m not about to stop!

Watch out for more workshops, we’re coming to the South next!

Thanks to my hubby Carlo for the photos.

My models for the day wearing my own clothes to show how one can shop their closet!

My “basic” wardrobe for reference

The Sponsors


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